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Lisa's ultimate holiday gift guide

Lisa's List: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide From Our Founder

Without further ado, here’s a holiday gift guide featuring some of Lisa’s favorite natural hair gifts.

Lisa Price’s Favorite Gift Ideas For Natural Hair

Hair gifts may seem like too personal a choice for a present, but Lisa says otherwise. “What I’ve noticed in the 28 years I’ve been doing this is it’s totally fine to give haircare as a gift. It doesn’t come across as ‘I can’t believe she gave me shampoo and conditioner,’” she says. “People have said to me: ‘My mom uses your shampoo and conditioner, but I want to get her the whole collection because I know she won’t buy it for herself.’ So I like to put the popular hair care sets together, where you can purchase the whole regimen and not have to spend as much money.”

If you prefer to create your own customized hairstyling gifts to meet the specific hair needs of someone in your life, Lisa even dropped a few gems on curly hair gifts that you can easily bundle into a natural hair gift basket with some of the brand’s most beloved stand-alone products.

Monoi Strengthening Set
While Lisa could never pick a favorite product (it’d be like asking her to pick a favorite child), she knows there’s one natural hair gift she can give to just about anyone. “I would pick Monoi only because I have so much history with it. I've sold so much of it to so many different hair types, and I've never heard somebody say they were disappointed,” she says.

This Monoi Strengthening Set comes complete with the Monoi Repairing Sulfate Free Shampoo, Monoi Repairing Conditioner, and Monoi Repairing Hair Mask for hair that is strong and full.

Monoi Strengthening Set, $64 MSRP

Monoi Star Strength Leave-In Crème
One of the best hair styling gifts to give is the Monoi Star Strength Leave-In Crème. This golden tube filled with the beautifully scented, lightweight cream will be their go-to curl definer, softener, and frizz tamer. Moisturize your tresses with this wonderful potion blended with the French Polynesian gem from nature, herself, Monoi.

Monoi Star Strength Leave-In Crème, $23 MSRP

Wash Day Delight Jelly-to-Cream Conditioner
Treat the friend who doesn’t have time to deep condition their hair to a jar of Wash Day Delight Jelly-to-Cream Conditioner. Talk about a win-win natural hair gift. Not only does this treatment come in a whopping 20 ounce jar and is available in either aloe or rose, but the jelly to cream formula delivers deep moisture within minutes of being applied to hair.

Wash Day Delight Jelly-to-Cream Conditioner, $10.99 MSRP

Lisa Price’s Favorite Gift Ideas For The Body

“I love a gift that continues to give. For example, if you give someone a moisturizer or a luscious body cream, they think about you every time they use it. I like for people to have options that are affordable,” Lisa says.

Angel Food Cake Body Cream

“I love to bake. I tend to bake more at Christmas. I got that from my mother and grandmother—I bake pound cakes and cookies and give them to neighbors,” Lisa says.

You don’t have to be a master baker to become a neighborhood favorite. The Angel Food Cake Body Cream will not only soften skin, but also help leave your neighbors smelling like a delicious bakery—in a good way.

Angel Food Cake Body Cream, $34.00 MSRP

Almond Cookie Eau de Toilette
“Almond Cookie was born on a Sunday afternoon in 1996 when my husband brought home an almond cookie for me,” Lisa says. “I wanted to capture the sweetness of that cookie along with that warm and fuzzy feeling one feels when someone does something for you, just because.”

Almond Cookie Eau de Toilette, $20 MSRP

Monoi Eau de Toilette
Chances are good, there’s at least one person who always does for everyone else but tends to put themselves last on their own list. Treat them to the things they won’t buy for themselves, like our Monoi Eau de Toilette. The delicious fragrance is laced with the same notes as the haircare products in the monoi collection. Plus, the perfume is packaged in a generously-sized, 100 milliliter bottle.

Monoi Eau de Toilette, $60 MSRP

Lisa’s Favorite Black-Owned Businesses To Pair With Carol’s Daughter Gift Sets

We love a good beauty gift, but gifts are even better when they check multiple boxes on someone's wish list. “Another thing I like to do during the holidays is to shop small, shop women and shop Black,” says Lisa. “I know what it is like to be that artisan, pouring love and passion into all that you create, and every now and then, we need to shout out others to let them get some shine.”

For an even more customized gifting experience, pair some of Lisa’s Carol’s Daughter creations with products from her favorite Black-owned businesses. “I also love curating different things. I cannot wrap to save my life. I'm the worst wrapper on the planet. But I love a good gift bag, and I like collecting tea. So somebody would get a bag of tea; they get a candle and a sugar scrub. [That way they can] have an exfoliating bath treatment, and light their candle while they’re in the bathroom,” Lisa explains. “Then, when everything is done, and they’re relaxing and cozy, they sip their tea. And you've created a moment for someone. That's how I like to think of gift-giving.”

Brooklyn Tea
“I love teas with roses and lavender, and right now, I'm drinking this milky oolong from Brooklyn Tea that is just wonderful. The best ever sold anywhere,” Lisa says. She also loves the peppermint, ginger, and black rose teas.

Culture Tags
Here’s one gift that the whole family can enjoy together. This trivia card game tests the cultural pulse of everyone in the family, from grandma right down to the baby in the bunch.

With various shades of brown skin and a mix of hair textures made from linen material, Harperiman is bound to make anyone on the receiving end feel seen and represented in the doll space. “I have one of these myself. LOVE them,” says Lisa.

Agnes Badoo
“I originally spotted one of her bags in a movie and then a red, black, and green version of the same bag. I fell in love and had to own one,” Lisa explains. “I may be adding this to my wish list this year.”

Queen Afua
Give the gift of good health in the form of Queen Afua’s Detox Kits. Each formula focuses on removing certain types of waste for your body. “I did two of her cleanses this past summer and fall, and I also take some of the supplements. It’s life-changing for me,” Lisa says.

Souk Bohemian
In search of a one-stop shop that has everything? Souk Bohemian has a great collection of décor, jewelry, and clothing from Atlanta and around the world.

Martine’s Dream
Have someone on your list with an eclectic style? Check out one of Lisa’s favorite clothing stores, Martine’s Dream. The shop is filled with curated clothing and accessories from all over the world and Brooklyn.

Floral Symbiosis
“Farrah Hamlett did my holiday decorations last year at the exterior of my house, and the garland's inside my home,” Lisa says. “I decorate my tree, but I don't know how to make garlands and wreaths.”

Lush Yummies
There’s nothing like a delicious pie for the holidays, and when Lisa isn’t making her own baked goods, she’s digging into a delicious Lemon Buttah Pie from Lush Yummies. The best part is, they ship anywhere in the country, so they make great gifts!

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