The Best Hairstyling Tools For Natural Hair

Whenever anyone talks about how to care for and style natural hair, figuring out which hair styling products to use is usually the first thing on the list. The right hair products can absolutely make or break your hair care routine, but they’re not the only thing that determines how good your naturally curly hair looks. Hair tools pick up where hair products leave off—because a combing creme would be nothing without a detangling brush.
From combs to hair brushes to blow dryers, there’s a whole world of hair styling tools that can help you achieve the curly hairstyles of your dreams. Whether you’re new to natural hair or are looking to take your hair styling routine to the next level, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about the best hair styling tools for natural hair.

What Hair Tools Do You Need For Styling Natural Hair?

New to the natural hair game and not sure which natural hair tools you need in your arsenal? Don’t worry. We’ve curated a list of all the best curly hair tools you need to care for and style your natural hair—and we even share which natural hair products we love to use with them.

Fine-Tooth Comb
If you have naturally curly hair, the thought of a fine-tooth comb may send shivers down your spine, but we promise it’s important to have one in your arsenal. While a fine-tooth comb may not be the first thing you reach for when it’s time to detangle your hair, it’s great for parting and detailing.

Wide-Tooth Comb
The wide-tooth comb is an absolute essential for natural hair newbies and pros alike. These large combs make detangling a breeze and can even help to kick off the styling process.

Detangling Brush
A wide-tooth comb is great at gently removing large tangles, but it can often miss smaller knots throughout your mane. A detangling brush is made up of densely packed long and short bristles to detangle all of the snarls in your hair gently. Make the detangling process easier by using a combing creme like our Black Vanilla 4-In-1 Combing Creme to help add slip to your hair.

Boar Bristle Brush
If you love sleek, smooth buns and pineapple updos, a boar bristle hairbrush will be your best friend. Apply a hair gel like Pracaxi Nectar Style Control Gel throughout your hair, and use the bristle brush to smooth your hair into your desired style.

Edge Brush
Every natural hair girl knows that laying your edges is an art form, and an artist is nothing without a brush. After applying an edge taming product like our Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother onto your edges, use an edge brush to swoop and swirl your edges to perfection. If you need to style your edges and don’t have an edge brush on hand, a toothbrush works well in a pinch.

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Blow Dryer
When you hear “blow dryer,” most people automatically think of straight hairstyles like a silk press, but your blow dryer is great for more than just straight styling. A blow dryer can help to dry your curly styles in a flash and stretch your hair before a protective style. Just be sure to use a heat-protective styler like Monoi (Repair + Protect) Multi-Styling Milk before using heat on your hair.

This attachment makes your hair dryer the perfect curly hair companion. A diffuser attachment helps to evenly distribute the airflow from your hair dryer, allowing you to dry your curls without disturbing your curl pattern. A diffuser is the secret to defined, voluminous curls.

Vented Brush
Some hairstyles call for your curls to be stretched before actually styling them. To stretch your curls in a flash, you’ll need your blow dryer and a vented brush. A vented brush applies just the right amount of tension to stretch your curls without damaging them, and the vents allow the hot air from your hair dryer right through to dry your hair in a hurry.

A vented brush may be the most versatile hair styling tool in your toolbox as you can also use it to detangle and style your hair.

¼ Inch Curling Iron
Oftentimes our curls have a mind of their own and even with the right product and tools, our ringlets don’t come out exactly as planned. If you have a wonky curl that you just can’t tame, fake the look of perfect curls with a curling iron with a similar width to your curl pattern.

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