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How To Style Curtain Bangs For Curly Hair

We’ve all asked ourselves, “should I get bangs?” at one point or another, and the results haven’t always been too hot. But there seems to be a haircut on the rise that's a nearly fool-proof way to get bangs that you won’t regret. Everywhere we scroll, we see long strands transition into curtain bangs right before our eyes. Your friends are getting them, influencers are taking the plunge, and you might be itching for them too.
It’s safe to say that we have a major trend on our hands. Pinterest reports that the search for curtain bangs has gone up by 600%, and Tik Tok users showing off their new ‘do are garnering millions upon millions of hashtag #curtainbang views. While the style is popular, these flattering bangs are nothing new. Curtain bangs first reached popularity in the 1970s, and if you stepped foot in a hair salon in the early 2000s, you definitely saw them styled with flips and layers, too.

According to the before and after videos that we can’t get away from, this famous fringe works with various lengths and hair textures. So, can curly girls participate in the curtain bang trend? Absolutely. When it comes to styling, maintaining, and even cutting curly bangs, we’ve got you covered.

What Are Curtain Bangs?

If you haven’t yet been seduced by the allure of curtain bangs, you should know that this isn’t your typical high maintenance style. Think of them as gateway bangs—perfect for those who have always wanted bangs but couldn’t quite get them right in the past. They’re way less of a commitment than traditional bangs, and they frame almost any face shape for added softness. Curtain bangs fall to about your cheekbones and taper out in length while opening to a middle part, making them super easy to grow out into seamless layers, or to pull back when you prefer. The result is an effortless cool-girl look that adds volume and shape to any texture of hair.

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Do Curtain Bangs Work On Curly Hair?

Yes! Curtain bangs can look great on curly hair. The key is to keep them long enough to allow room for shrinkage and have them cut according to your face shape and hair length.

While you might be scarred from bangs of the past, it’s good to know that curtain bangs can complement practically anyone. If you have a round face, you’ve likely been groomed to stay away from straight bangs, as they emphasize width. However, curtain bangs can be a great option for any face shape. To wear curtain bangs on a round face, we simply recommend cutting long curtain bangs and moving your part a tad bit over to one side to add height and make the cut more flattering. On the other hand, curtain bangs for short hair look best when trimmed closer to the brow, providing contrast to the cut. To avoid a thick bowl cut look, make sure that you ask your stylist to keep the bangs light and wispy.

How To Get Curtain Bangs

If you’re wondering how to cut curtain bangs, the safest route is to bring the idea to your stylist. But for those that live on the edge of their impulse hair decisions, these bangs are relatively low risk to cut at home. For curly hair, you’ll definitely want to opt for a dry cut while your hair is in its naturally curly state, or you could run the possibility of having an awkward micro bang once your curls revert to their shrunken length.

Your stylist will begin on dry, defined curls, parting a triangle that begins at the curve of your crown and ends just past the eyebrows. They will likely cut curl-by-curl, gradually leaving a little more length as they reach the hair closest to your ears. When deciding on a length, remember to err on the longer side, as you can always head back to the salon and cut more later. The change might be subtle, but it adds life to blase hair that’s been all one length and just…there.

How To Style Curtain Bangs

The best thing about these low-key bangs is that they’re super versatile and can enhance some of your favorite curly hairstyles that you already wear. If you’re unsure of how to style curtain bangs once you’ve made the snip, look to these hairstyles for inspo:

Messy top knot

A messy top knot or a curly poof is made even more elegant by curly curtain bangs framing your face. To really get a romantic look, make sure your curls are hydrated with a moisturizing product like Mimosa Hair Honey. Then, leave a few of your longer tendrils out to the sides and at the nape of your neck.


By adding volume and improving your hair’s shape, curtain bangs will only enhance your wash-and-go looks. They add just a little bit of edge and style to an otherwise simple look.

Half-up, half-down

A sleek half-up, half-down style is so much more playful with these front-facing curtain bangs. Slick the sides of your hair up with the Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother to maintain the style all day.

Wand curls

Go big or go home with wand curls. If you’re not afraid of a little heat, a large barrel curling wand can achieve a sultry, voluminous look. To heat style with confidence, use Monoi Prepare + Protect Styling Milk. It protects your hair from up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, leading to less breakage and stronger hair.

Low ponytail

A low pony is also a great way to let your new look take center stage. This laid back style suddenly has some extra flair and romance once curtain bangs are involved.

What Are The Best Products For Curtain Bangs?

When it comes to getting the most out of your curly curtain bangs, elongation is key. While shrinkage is just one more unique aspect to appreciate about natural hair care, you’re going to want the general length of your curls to be a tad bit predictable when you’re rocking curtain bangs hairstyles.

Cleanse and condition

Healthy hair always begins with a solid cleansing and conditioning routine to get rid of product buildup and soften your strands.


You’ll want to smooth and detangle your tresses with the Sacred Tiare 4-in-1 Combing Creme. This preps your hair to fight frizz for defined curls so that they frame your face with a natural shine.


The Refresher Spray from the Hair Milk Collection is also a must-have to bring your curls back to life well after wash day, delivering hair that is hydrated and much more manageable for styling.


Set your style with the Pracaxi Nectar Style & Hold Foam to condition and provide soft hold to your look.

It might seem overwhelming to switch things up, but don’t overthink how to style curtain bangs. You can still achieve your favorite twist outs, braid outs, and roller sets, now with added volume. Still unsure if curtain bangs can work for your natural hair? Read on to learn How To Tame Frizzy Curly Hair.

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