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The Best Hair Treatment For Every Hair Type

Whether you have split ends, curly hair, damaged hair, or frizzy hair, we’ve rounded up the best hair treatments for every hair type.
23 Feb 2021
There are all sorts of activities that we think of as self-care—be it exercise, an indulgent body scrub, or even a face mask. Unfortunately, too often, our hair is left out of the pampering routine. If your hair is feeling dull, brittle, or overwhelmed by frizz, you can help to improve the look and feel of your strands with a quality hair treatment.

If all your hair routine consists of is shampoo, conditioner, and styling products, then your strands are missing out on the chance to indulge in treatments that can help to repair the look and feel of damage and increase qualities like shine and length retention. Hair treatments are products formulated with specific hair issues in mind that go beyond just styling your hair to help keep your locks in tip-top shape. Whether your curls are feeling dry, your highlights are looking dull, or your hair appears thinner than usual, there’s a hair treatment made with you in mind.

What are the different types of hair treatments?

Not all hair treatments are created equally. You are likely familiar with one of the most popular treatments: deep conditioners. Repairing hair masks or deep conditioners are treatments that are designed to penetrate wet hair over an extended period of time (we’re talking 5 minutes for some and up to an hour for others). These treatments can also be intensified with a heat cap for further penetration. If you’re hoping to strengthen your strands, look for a hair mask infused with protein. If dry hair has got you down, pick up a hydrating formula.

As much as we love deep conditioning treatments, there are other options to try as well. Hair oils are another great option for treating your hair. The right oil will go beyond the hair cuticle to fortify your strands and help to repair the look and feel of your strands. The right oil can be a reparative solution for hair suffering from heat damage or breakage.

Leave-in conditioning sprays and anti-break sprays are yet another underrated hair treatment that can easily be incorporated into your hair care routine. Not only do they make the detangling process easier in order to prevent breakage and split ends, but they also can smooth frizz and even be lightweight enough to bring the shine back to dull hair.

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How do I choose a hair treatment for my hair type?

Natural hair care can feel daunting at times. With so many hair treatments on the market, it’s important to choose a formula that’s the right fit for your unique hair type and your primary hair concerns. First things first, identify your hair type. It can be helpful to understand your curl pattern, as many products will specify whether they are intended for waves or curls and kinks. Your curl pattern isn’t the only factor to keep in mind, however. Is your hair fine or coarse? Is it high porosity or low porosity? Having a thorough understanding of your hair will better guide you towards the right treatments.

While the look and feel of our hair have a lot to do with genetics, our day to day habits can make or break our hair—literally. Things like the tension from styling and damage from excessive heat or color treatments can wreak havoc on our hair, leaving it thinning, frizzy, or prone to breakage and split ends. It’s important to regularly treat your hair to help keep the look of damage at bay.

What is the best hair treatment for my hair troubles?

In search of the best hair treatment for your hair woes? We’re breaking down our best hair treatments for your particular concerns to help guide you to your healthiest hair yet.

Our Best Hair Treatment for Curly Hair: Coco Creme Curl Quenching Deep Moisture Mask

Curly girls, this one is for you. Moisture is often the greatest concern for type 3 and 4 hair, but this curl quenching moisture mask will put your dry hair woes to rest. It’s infused with coconut oil and shea butter to give hair an extra buttery dose of hydration—leaving it softer, shinier, and more manageable.

Our Best Hair Treatment for Straight Hair: Monoi Repairing Leave-In Conditioner

Many reparative treatments can weight straight hair down, but this formula moisturizes strands while remaining lightweight. Hard-hitting ingredients like wheat protein and pro-vitamin B5, make it ideal for anyone experiencing weak hair or breakage.

Our Best Hair Treatment for Wavy Hair: Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Leave-In Conditioner

This transformative treatment turns dry, brittle strands into hair that is more manageable and noticeably shinier. The strengthening formula is powered by wheat protein and pro-vitamin B5 to strengthen the hair, but it also has plenty of slip and moisturizing properties—making it a great choice for detangling wavy hair.

Our Best Hair Treatment for Thin Hair: Goddess Strength Fortifying Conditioner with Castor Oil

If your hair is experiencing thinning and breakage, this is the treatment for you. It’s blended with castor oil, black seed oil, and ginger to fortify your strands and stimulate your scalp. The results? Hair that is 15 times stronger and experiences 94% less breakage.

Our Best Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair: Monoi Repairing Hair Mask

Don’t just accept damaged hair—repair it. This hair mask is infused with monoi oil and hydrolyzed silk to nourish your tresses from root to tips. It works to help reverse past damage and bring your hair back to life. No matter your hair type, users experience 98% less breakage with this powerful formula.

Our Best Hair Treatment for Color-treated Hair: Monoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum

Color-treating your hair can leave it weakened and highly porous, but this strengthening serum can help to reverse the look and feel of damage and even help to prevent damage to chemically treated hair. Infused with monoi oil, this lightweight, silicone-free formula results in 92% stronger hair.

Our Best Hair Treatment for Thick Hair: Almond Milk Ultra-Nourishing Hair Mask

When it comes to thick hair, it can sometimes seem like nothing is nourishing enough to truly penetrate your strands, but this effective hair mask gets the job done. It’s composed of plenty of hydrating ingredients like almond oil, aloe butter, and shea oil (to name a few) to hydrate and repair even the most damaged and overworked hair.

Our Best Hair Treatment for Split Ends: Monoi Repairing Anti Breakage Spray

Excessive styling, chemical damage, and even dry weather can result in frayed, brittle ends that split and lead to breakage. This repairing anti-breakage spray is the solution you're looking for! It fortifies your hair to reduce shedding, resulting in less breakage and protection around-the-clock.

Our Best Hair Treatment for Frizzy Hair: Sacred Tiare Leave-In Conditioner

Frizzy hair doesn’t stand a chance against this smoothing leave-in conditioner. It’s made with strand-strengthening coprah coconut oil and protein-rich tiare gardenia flowers to add strength and control to unruly hair. It also deeply hydrates and reduces breakage without weighing your hair down.

Looking for more ways to get your healthiest hair? Check out our article on the best way to take care of curly hair.

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