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how to care for 4b hair

How to Take Care of 4B Hair

Good news: 4B hair isn’t as challenging as you think.
27 Apr 2022
Truth be told, 4B hair doesn’t get as much love as it should. When it comes to curl types, type 4 hair can be considered amongst the hardest to style and care for, but that’s not necessarily the case. If you have 4B coily hair, you may have noticed that your hair needs an extra dose of moisture and a little boost in the definition department, but once you’ve mastered these two areas, your coils flourish. Keep reading to learn how to care for, style and protect your tight 4B coily hair. Trust us, with these easy-to-follow tips under your belt, your best hair days are ahead of you.

How do you know if you have 4b hair?

4B hair is the second tightest curl pattern out there, before 4C of course. 4B hair is a type of coily hair and is typically densely packed. If you have 4B hair, your curls will have a Z-shaped or zigzag pattern, but the curls should still be identifiable. 4B hair tends to be very porous, dry and prone to breakage.

To discover your curly hair type, you want to start with wet hair. 4B hair is coily, even when wet and tends to shrink once dried–that’s where styling products come into play (more on this below).

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What are some tips for keeping 4b hair healthy?

Since 4B hair may need a bit of TLC to be moisturized and defined, here are a few tips to keep this coily type healthy and easy to manage.

Reach for a cleansing conditioner. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, curly and coily hair needs tons of moisture. That’s why reaching for a cleansing conditioner like the Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner that’s free of sulfates and filled with uber-hydrating and nourishing ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E. Not to mention, this milky cleansing conditioner is formulated with agave nectar to help knots and tangles melt away. Using a cleansing conditioner in between shampoo sessions will help keep your scalp and hair free of product build-up without stripping away necessary oils. And when you do shampoo, opt for a duo like Goddess Strength Fortifying Shampoo and Goddess Strength Fortifying Conditioner — both with Castor oil.

Skip brushes and combs when possible. Since 4B hair is prone to breakage, finger detangling is the best practice, when possible. Brushes and combs can rip through your delicate strands and cause breakage and split ends, but finger detangling allows you to gently remove knots without damage. To add slip to your hair before finger detangling, try the Hair Milk 4-In-1 Combing Creme. This creamy formula allows tangles to slip out, plus it doubles as a primer before styling.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Moisture is key when it comes to curly hair, 4B hair included. It’s nigh impossible to have healthy curly hair if you don’t keep your coils properly moisturized. Stock up on products chock-full of hydrating ingredients like the Coco Creme Coil Enhancing Butter made with coconut oil, mango seed butter and coconut milk. Or if you prefer to use the LOC method, try the Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend Hair and Scalp Oil to seal in moisture. No matter which way you choose, if you have 4B hair you want to maximize on moisture as much as possible.

Focus on enhancing definition. Since 4B hair is prone to shrinkage, and we’re talking major shrinkage, use styling products and methods that help to lengthen and define your natural curl pattern. If not properly hydrated and styled, those 4B curls can lose that beautiful zigzag pattern you want to emphasize. Consider stretching your curls with the Coco Creme Curl Shaping Cream Gel that feels like a cream, but holds like a gel and it doesn’t make hair crunchy or flakey. The Hair Milk Curl Defining Butter is formulated with avocado oil and honey to keep coils moisturized and free of frizz. This butter is also rich enough to help keep 4B hair defined for up to 24 hours.

Experiment with protective styles. Protective styles are your friend, especially if you live in a climate that gets cold and dry during the winter season. We’re talking flat twists, twist outs, bantu knots and elegant updo’s are a must that help protect your ends and give your hair a break from friction and daily styling. Find which styles are ideal for your hair length and lifestyle and stick to it.

Deep condition regularly. Deep treatments are necessary for 4B hair. When your strands are stripped of moisture, your coils will get out of whack, lose their definition and even lose their soft, supple texture. That’s why applying a hair mask weekly is best for keeping 4B hair healthy. The Goddess Strength Cocoon Hydrating Hair Mask helps to restore and lock-in moisture, repair damage and prevent breakage. This mask is so good that 9 out of 10 women with curly hair agree hair is deeply moisturized, nourished and easier to detangle after just 5 minutes of use.

Want to learn even more about taking care of 4B hair? Read How To Moisturize Natural Hair.


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