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Everything You Need to Know to Take Care of 3B Curls

Follow these simple tips for healthy, gorgeous 3B curls.
20 Jul 2022
When it comes to type 3 curls, things can be a little tricky. See, 3A curls can be misidentified as waves and 3C curls can be so coily, you might think you’re dealing with type 4 hair. But thankfully, 3B curls are a little more plain and simple. If you have loose ringlets that are a bit wider than the width of your finger, chances are you’re dealing with 3B curls. Keep reading for easy-to-follow tips on how to know if you have 3B curly hair, how to take care of 3B hair type and how to keep your curls looking flawless.

How do I know if I have 3B hair?

If you have 3B curls, your spirals are springy and clearly defined. They’re not tight curls, but they’re not loose either. 3B curls fall somewhere in the middle with a curl circumference that’s about the width of a marker. Your curls may be a mix between loose and tight curls, but one thing is certain, 3B curls have major definition. There’s no guessing if you have curly hair or not. 3B’s perfectly shaped ringlets and spirals tend to be full of volume, slightly dense and prone to frizz. But with the proper hair care routine, you can rock gorgeous 3B curls with ease. Still not sure about your curl type? Take our handy quiz before you read on.

What are some tips for how to take care of curly 3B hair?

While there are general tips that are good to follow for all curly hair types, there are others that are specific to type 3B hair. From amping up definition to reducing frizz, keep reading for tips on how to care for 3B curls and the best 3B hair products.

Avoid heavy products

3B curls don’t need to be weighed down with heavy products. Instead, look for curly hair products that are lightweight and hydrating. Choose a leave-in conditioner over a curly butter, so 3B curls stay springy and light. One of the best products for curly, frizzy hair is Almond Milk Leave-In Conditioner. It works perfectly as a styling primer and helps to protect strands from environmental stressors.

Use a hair styling cream to reduce frizz

If you find that leave-in conditioner alone isn’t enough to keep your curls intact, try layering on a styling cream. Styling creams not only deliver moisture and add definition, they help to keep frizz at bay, too. The Wash Day Delight Cream Serum Hair Moisturizer with Aloe prevents frizz and detangles and softens. If your strands tend to be flat or limp by the roots, apply this from the mid-shaft to ends only. This will ensure you still have volume and your roots won’t look greasy.

Gel is your friend

Just like 3A curls, 3B curls love gel. Applying gel to your 3B hair will guarantee your curls stay bouncy and defined all day long. The best gel for curly 3B hair is Wash Day Delight Hair Gel to Foam Styler gives soft, shiny curls extra hold without flaking or stiffness.

Use a hair mask

All curly types are naturally dry, so using a hair mask on a regular basis will help to keep moisture levels balanced in the hair. The Coco Creme Curl Quenching Deep Moisture Mask is perfect for days when your 3B curls are feeling (and looking) out of whack. This hydrating mask revitalizes and rehydrates dry, thirsty locks. For best results, allow this mask to sit in the hair for 3-5 minutes before rinsing out.

For more curly hair tips, read Everything You Need to Know About Natural Hair Plopping.

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