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Everything You Need to Know About Curlyage

Curlyage is your secret to customized, low-maintenance hair color.
25 Aug 2022
When it comes to curly hair color, it can be tricky. The truth is, curly hair with highlights is not the same as straight hair. That’s why this new curly hair color technique is trending, and we can’t stop looking at it. Enter, curlyage. Similar to the popular balayage technique, curlyage was designed specifically for applying color on every curly hair type. And when a technique is made for curly hair, you know it will make your curls swoon-worthy. We’ve got the scoop on this curly hair color technique including what curlyage is, how it works and how to maintain it. Keep reading for everything you need to know about curlyage.

What is curlyage?

If you’re familiar with balayage, you’ll get the gist of this new curly hair color technique. Balayage is a technique for highlighting hair by painting on color to look very natural. The same goes for curlyage. If you want curly hair with highlights, curlyage is the way to go. But before we dive into curlyage, it’s important to know that curlyage is not a curly hair color. Instead, curlyage is a technique for applying color on curly hair.

Instead of highlights being added sporadically to the hair, the curlyage technique is all about customized placement of color. So, in short, no two curlyage color techniques will be the same.

What makes curlyage different?

If you’re considering curly hair with highlights, you may be wondering what makes curlyage a step above the traditional highlighting technique? Here’s the reason why curlyage is growing in popularity.

It’s customized color

Who would say no to one-of-a-kind hair color? Our sentiments exactly. Because there are various factors considered before applying the curlyage technique, you can almost guarantee that your curly hair with highlights will be like no other. This curly hair technique incorporates painted-on highlights blended with your natural hair color for a softer, brighter, sunkissed-like finish. No harsh lines here.

It’s low-maintenance

Since the curlyage technique is designed to look more natural, frequent touch-ups aren’t necessary. There are no grown-out roots and no splotches of missing color, so there really isn’t a reason you’d need that touch ups. Essentially, it’s the coloring technique of choice for the lazy (or, um, low-maintenance) curly girl.

It protects your curls

No hair color is worth sacrificing the beauty of your natural curls. Thankfully, the curlyage technique keeps that in mind, too. The density, porosity and elasticity of the hair are also considered before applying highlights on curly hair. And the best part is, the lightening method is done slowly and gradually, so the cuticle of the hair is still shiny, springy and healthy, and the shape of the curl is not damaged in the process.

How do I maintain curlyage?

Once your hair color is complete, there are a few simple steps to ensure your color stays bright and your strands stay healthy.

Opt for color-safe hair products

To keep your curly hair color in tip-top shape, choose products that are made for color-treated hair. These formulas will help to keep the hue vibrant and ensure that your color doesn’t fade or change color. Try Monoi Repairing Sulfate Free Shampoo and Monoi Repairing Conditioner.

Deep condition often

Even hair color can’t make dry, damaged hair look good. That’s where routine deep conditioning comes into play. Applying a hair mask for curly hair like the Monoi Repairing Hair Mask once a week will not only keep hair properly moisturized, but it will help prevent breakage, too. This hair treatment was clinically tested to reduce breakage by 98% after just one use. For a deeper treatment, try the Monoi Intense Repair Inner Strength System or the Almond Milk Daily Damage Repair Set.

Visit your colorist when needed

The good news is you won’t need touch-ups every few weeks, but if you have any concerns with your color at all, leave it to the pros. From toning to touch ups and more, a professional colorist can help to keep your color at its best.

For more on curly hair color, read How to Repair Bleach-Damaged Curls.

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