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Hair Care Tips

Discover the best haircare tips for natural and curly hair from Carol's Daughter's beauty blog. Check out our recipes for a beautiful life.

Baby Hairs or Breakage: Getting to Know Your Edges

Damaged hair plays a big factor in differentiating between the two.
21 Nov 2023

Type 2A Curls: How to Take Care of Wavy Hair

Care for your wavy hair with a dedicated routine and hair regimen for the best strands possible.
18 Nov 2023

What is Protein for Hair?

All hair types can benefit from using hair protein.
17 Nov 2023


Your Guide to Types of Hair Porosity and Taking a Hair Porosity Test

Your Guide to Types of Hair Porosity and Taking a Hair Porosity Test

The must-know facts about hair porosity.

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Curly Hairstyles

Get hair care advice and hair styling tips for curly hair with videos and tutorials from Carol's Daughter. Find the right moisturizing hair products for your perfect curly hair look.

9 Layered Curly Hairstyles to Step Your Hair Game Up

Change up your curls with a layered hair look.
21 Nov 2023

How to Plop Your Natural Hair

This hair drying method for curly hair is love at first try.
23 Oct 2023

How To Get The Best Curly Haircut

Regular hair trims are not only an essential part of achieving healthy, frizz-free curls, but they can also help shape your style.
Everything You Need To Know About Natural Hair Plopping

Everything You Need To Know About Natural Hair Plopping

One quick social media scan, and you’ll likely find a feed full of wash-and-go techniques and protective styling trends that promise perfect curls.

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Natural Hairstyles

Find out which natural hairstyle best suits your hair and which Carol's Daughter products to use to achieve it.

Your Guide to Protective Hairstyles

Your Guide to Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

There are many ways to care for natural hair, and doing protective hairstyles is one of the most common methods. It doesn’t matter if you’re eager to give you hair a break from routine styling, on a hair growth plan, or just looking to add some versatility to your look, protective styling is the way to go.
How to Achieve a Gorgeous Defined Twist Out

How to Achieve a Gorgeous, Defined Twist Out

Even for novice naturals, a twist out is one of the easiest protective hairstyles to perfect.
Achieving Beautiful Curls with Flexi Rods

How to Use Flexi Rods on Natural Hair

You'll love this stress-free way to get curls.
Here's how to stop hair breakage

Here's How To Stop Hair Breakage

It doesn’t matter if it’s a few strands or a hefty chunk, any amount of hair breakage or damaged hair can be stressful—and stress is one of the main causes of more serious and potentially permanent hair loss.

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