PROBLEM: The Grow-Out Transitioner needs to easily manage her two hair textures, and the Big Chopper needs to control her curly new growth, so you both tend to use lots of leave-in styling products that weigh your hair down as well as smother your scalp. Women tend to stretch the time between shampooing and styling when transitioning, causing you to need a deep, yet gentle, cleansing.
SOLUTION: Purifying Low-Lather Cleanser
This moisturizing cleanser detangles in an instant as it intensely hydrates your hair, leaving behind an incredible shine while gently removing product build-up.
PROBLEM: Over time relaxers can damage your scalp and hair follicles, and the key to growing healthier hair is having a healthy scalp. An unhealthy scalp can cause hair to grow in uneven textures and curl patterns, which make your hair grow slower and in poor condition.
SOLUTION: Renewing Scalp Spray
This easy spray-on product exfoliates your scalp the same way a toner would your face (think of it as a facial for your scalp). With ingredients known to increase cellular turnover, this mist promotes follicle and scalp health for optimal growth.
PROBLEM: During the “scab hair period” where your scalp and follicles are healing (this usually lasts for 6-8 months after your last relaxer), your hair is brittle. It is also incredibly fragile where your new growth meets the relaxed hair, as are the points where the relaxerwas retouched. This causes lots of extra breakage and shedding whenwashing, detangling and styling.
SOLUTION: Restoring Anti-Breakage Treatment
This conditioning mask deeply heals the weakest parts of your hair to prevent breaks, snaps and split ends, while simultaneously adding a boost of moisture to soften your hair, making it easier to manage and style.

*Independent study results