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  • Video: Anana’s Twist-Out


    If you don’t know—now you will know how to do the perfect twist out! Anana uses three of our best hair care products to make her beautiful twist-out set: Healthy Hair Butter, Macadamia Heat Setting Foam and she finishes it with our Macadamia Finishing Shine Mist. Doing a twist-out set properly with define your curl pattern and give you the gorgeous curls you want. This is a go-to style for natural hair that’s thick and coarse. First, the Healthy Hair Butter conditions and softens her natural hair, as well as heals split ends. Then the Heat Setting Foam helps with detangling and also defines her curl pattern. Lastly, she shows how the Finishing Shine Mist gives her natural hair a beautiful, light shine. Try this simple natural hairstyle for yourself today.

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    Natural hair advice
    Curl pattern
    Defined Curls
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