Black Maternal Health Crisis

As maternal mortality rates continue to disproportionately impact our community, it is important that we, a brand built on the love between a mother and daughter, are helping to lead the charge for public awareness and advocacy for Black mothers. That is why, over the next 3 years, we will raise awareness about Black Maternal Health amongst 100 Million people and directly engage 10,000 people to be advocates for Black birthing people and babies through Love Delivered.

A Word From Lisa and Latham

Be an Advocate

LOVE DELIVERED will empower, support and equip Black birthing people and the greater community to advocate for their health and wellness by providing expanded access to doula services, trainings for doulas, and resources for families, birth workers, partners, and allies to be well-informed in supporting positive birthing experiences. Black Maternal Health impacts us all whether you are the person giving birth or part of their village and we can all do something to help eradicate the crisis - get involved.

Real Stories from our Community

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