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  • VIDEO: Mimosa Hair Honey Twist-Outs By Jennifer


    Jennifer gives you a run-down on how to do the perfect two-strand twist on natural hair using her two favorite products—Mimosa Hair Honey and Black Vanilla Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner! Jennifer found that these two products worked best for her hair type (and so did her Twitter followers on their different hair textures). Basically, everyone loves Mimosa Hair Honey and Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner. Jennifer shows how Mimosa Hair Honey helps her define her curl pattern when she does a twist-out style on her natural hair. Mimosa Hair Honey also gives her thick hair a deep conditioning-looking shine, plus it smells amazing. For healthy hair, she suggests your use it as a hair repair treatment. Both products are known for giving hair super moisture, preventing breakage and making hair stronger. These beauty products are far better than any other hair care products she’s ever used. Not only does Jennifer give advice on what hair products to use, but she offers the best tips for natural hair as well—especially the easiest way to do a two-strand twist out on thick hair. You’ll love her tips and advice for natural hair and using these two hair favorites.

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