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  • How Monoi Split End Sealer Works On Natural Hair


    Nikki Mae knows how to keep her natural hair healthy and allow it to grow stronger, longer and free of split ends! Now you too can keep split ends away with our latest Monoi Repairing Collection addition, the Split End Sealer. Nikki shows you how even natural hair can look stronger and healthier without frayed, broken ends. Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer gets rid of split ends instantly. This split end treatment erases your damaged ends, allowing your natural hair to grow stronger and longer than ever. Nikki also explains in detail the powerful, rare ingredients that are in this product, like the super-repairing Monoi Oil, which is made with a blend of Coprah Coconut Oil and Gardenia flowers. But not only does this product work wonders on natural hair, it’s also easy to use with it’s easy-to-apply pump. Simply apply this miracle split end sealer to your ends and see the difference for yourself!

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