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Mimosa Hair Honey

Item #: 20340      8.0 oz
Price: $12.00
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The Shine..My Goodness
I have mid-lower back length relaxed hair. My natural curl pattern is 4a in the front, 3b in the crown and 3c in the back. I've been looking for a product to protect and moisturize my new growth as well as nourish my relaxed ends and this seems to do the trick. I wash my hair once every 1-2 months and will only apply heat during those times. While I am able to retain a lot of length with this method, my new growth often feels dry. I relax about twice a year so it is crucial that my new growth is healthy before my next touch up. This pomade has been a life saver! I've been using coconut oil as my leave in/daily detangler but my protein sensitive hair started to feel hard and straw like. The hair honey isn't great for pure moisture, but as a sealant on top of a leave in spray it's magic! The shine is incredible and my hair feels so soft afterwards. It provides the same lightweight feel as coconut oil but forgoes the hardness that excess protein can cause. Because I don't straighten my hair, my hair is always in soft beach waves and this product doesn't weigh my hair down or make my soul glow. All relaxed ladies need this!
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