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Ecstasy Body Cleansing Gel Duo
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Iesha McNair
Brooklyn, NY
Love the scent, but it does not lather up
I love the smell of this fragrance, I only hoped and wished it would lather on my skin like it said it will. But it did NOT!! : ( I tried everything to get the soapy effect. I tried using a sponge, a wash cloth, I even tried rubbing the soap in my hands and it did nothing. It's nothing like taking a shower and seeing the soap suds. I tried and tried and to no avail I was successful. I purchased the dry oil mist and it is wonderful after taking a shower. I also tried Magnolia which I love the scent as well but I don't think the shower gels was made to lather up the wy it says.
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Ridgeley, WV
Soft and Sensual
I originally ordered this as a duo with the Almond Cookie body wash. Though both smelled good, the Ecstasy is by far my favorite scent. It has deeper, more warmer tones than the Almond Cookie. I use it before bed as the scent is warm and comforting. Both scents leave my skin so soft that I've gotten lazy and can skip my lotioning routine!! Skin is soooo soft!! Best moisturizing and smelling body wash I've tried in my almost 50 years!! I love it. Don't hesitate, you can be spoiled too!!
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