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Goddess Flower Body Cleansing Cream

Item #: 05-0390      8.0 fl oz
Price: $17.00
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I really like this scent
For a long time Groove was my scent of choice of CD. When it was discontinued I didn't know what I would do because the others just were not my taste until Goddess Flower. I'm hooked again. I love the subtleness of the fragrance. I also love that After showering with the gel and lotioning up with the shea souffle, the scent stays with me all day. I even spritz a little of the oil in my natural hair. Thanks for bringing me back with a scent I love.
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Goddess Flower
I love the smell of this cleansing gel. Its soothing... and luxurious. Goddess Flower is a keeper.I hope that you guys keep this one for sure.
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Honey Simmons
This works!
This product is so gentle and creamy, the main difference between this body clenser and other body wash brands is that it actually does moisturize your skin. I just used it in addition to honey and oatmeal, and it has left my skin feeling soft and moist. ( Im normally ashy and im forced to put on body oil, but nope not this time my elbows are nice n' brown) and yes i gave it a five star because even my significant other wont stop complementing me on how nice i smell, and how soft my skin is sleeping beside him.
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Earl Merritt
State College, PA
Good for a man!
It is truly a cleansing cream, I workout 3-4 times a week and shower in the hardest water. This leaves you with a fresh scent not flowery. and you skin does not need a lotion if you so choose.
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This is the first Carol's Daughter scent that was truly disappointing to me. I was very excited to try this product as I have loved CD's other scents, but this one just isn't for me. I will go back to Sugar Dipped Vanilla, Ecstasy or Almond Cookie.
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Sieatta Frazier
Chicago, IL
I will admit that I purchased $50 worth of products to get the Goddess Flower shower creme! I received my products in a reasonable enough time and I am head over heels!! The creme is luxurious and thick. You really don't need a lot to get the job done! And the smell!! I love the hints of fresh vanilla and acai berry. It's a very sensual and hypnotic fragrance. It's like a ninja because it sneaks up on you! I enter the shower feeling sluggish and wanting to go back to sleep. I leave the shower feeling energized and like a goddess! I will definitely purchase when I run out, which will be approximately three to four months as I still have a lot left! Also, Lisa please make a lip gloss trio. I love the Roses & Honey lip gloss that can only be purchased in a set. Please make a trio with: Roses & Honey, Cocoa & Mint and Vanilla & Lavender. I believe that this will sell like hotcakes. I can also join your marketing and product development team! I have more ideas! Thanks!
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