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Ecstasy Shea Soufflé

Item #: 20610      4.0 oz
Price: $13.50
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Niagara FAlls, NY
Love the smell
I just received my first order of Ecstasy.....smells so good. I probably will not purchase any other perfume. I cannot WAIT to use it.
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Baton Rouge, LA
Great for your feet!
I've been having this product for a couple of months now, but thought it would leave my skin greasy. Well I used it lastnight, and applied a little to my feet. I couldn't believe how smooth my feet (heels) are this morning. I run about 7 miles daily, so my feet needs alot of attention on a daily basis. Thanks Carol's Daughter you're the best.........
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Beverly Charles
Laurel, MD
I LOVE, LOVE This Product...
This is my ALL time Carol's Daughter favorite product....I would LOVE to see this item back in the large containers....A TRUE Carol's Daughter fan!!
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Christina Babb
Chestnut Ridge, NY
Soooo Hydrating
I received my order today with this product and the face butter. I love this cream. Its nice and thick and creamy. It doesn't leave my skin greasy but just right. The smell is also divine and seductive! This is my first body product I ever bought from carol's daughter and my skin hates most moisturizers that I have to use aquaphor cream to moisturize my skin because lotions leave my skin feeling great 2 seconds after I applied it on but an hour later I'm dry and ashy all over again. But NOT this product! I skin feels wonderful and smooth. My mother is a nurse and she has rough hands because of the harsh soap in the hospital but this cream revived her hands back to life and my niece has eczema and that even made her skin smooth and nothing helps her eczema except aquaphor. My mom loves it sooo much that she just bought 2 for herself and my sister. Try it.
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Miami, FL
The name says it all! Wonderful moisturizer, addictive smell!
So happy CD did their giveaways during the holiday season because I got a complimentary Ecstast Shea souffle. The smell was so addictive I had to use it daily from the day I got it. I live in Miami so I can't put oils/lotions on everyday, but I managed to put this on every time I washed my hands. Visited home during my time off my work; my mother smelled it and took it away. I ordered the 16 ounce to replace it. Unfortunately, it was damaged somehow in shipping. Wonderful ecstasy smell all over my litle brown box. Seemed to be packed properly with bubbled plastic. Anywho customer service promptly sent me out another one without any hassle. Now. Gotta try out his almond cookie stuff. Reviews on the scent have me anxious.
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Brooksie Crosby
Laurel, MD
I love it!!!!! Made just for ME!!!
I love the Ecstasy line. My sister got it for me for Christmas one year and i had to find in near me from then on. I also like the shower gel and the perfume. The Almond Cookie is nice as well.
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Detroit, MI
Skin so soft
This was my first bath and body purchase from Carols Daughter. I love her hair care line so I thought I'll give this a try. I must say I like it. I'm sure it will grow on me but so far so good. When It came in the mail. I immediately opened and thought ummm okay... after applying it on my hands arms and elbows walking around for a few I was like okay I think I"m going to like the product. But the best time to put it on is after a long day you take a nice shower and then apply... Oh my I tell it feels good. I will come back and try some more products in the future.
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Betty Turner
Sanford, NC
This is SO the bomb
You don't get that gloppy feeling using this product like you have too much on your hands. It goes into my skin and it feels so soft all day! Plus the fragrance is just right, not overpowering. I love how it works on my feet!
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I love this
I love the smell of ecstasy!!! It's one every person should try. The smell lasts long as well. I can't wait to purchase the whole collection.
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Shalea Auriantal
Long Island, NY
The enticingly simple but sexy voyage to ecstasy!
This scent starts out as an invigorating sweet surprise and then reduces down to a lingering but subtle musk. It isn't too sweet and not too musky, but works perfectly with my body chemistry. The souffle itself is like a luscious cloud of silk, captured in a jar that lacks justice for it' s feminine allure: I'd imagined it to be in a fancy jar, bustling with pinks and purples or something. Needless to say, I rubbed this smooth emollient onto my thirsty parched hands ( from excessive washing- I'm a germ-a-phobe) and I felt immediate relief- not a greasy feel, film or residue in sight. I then proceeded to apply the ecstasy souffle mixed with some ecstasy body butter onto my belly and my GOSH! My thirsty belly drank this combination with the greatest delight! My pregnant tummy has been smooth and silky for hours... I feel so moisturized, pampered, and relaxed, as though I've finally found the products that I not only deserve, but deserve me! Thanks Carol's Daughter!!!
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