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Black Vanilla Moisturizing Hair Trio Set
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dANI Lexington
Brooklyn, NY
It works!
I have very dry, coarse hair. I use the smoothie and shampoo once a week and my hair gets so soft. The scent is great as well.
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Jessica D
Pheonix, AZ
soft Hair
This set made my hair soft and smell great! i USE THE lEAVE iN EVERY DAY!
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Lisa Stephenson
Miami, FL
Scent is amaze!
I always buy the Black Vanilla products. This is aa gret set! And inexpensive! Great sale, get it!
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Danielle R
brooklyn, NY
I have very dry hair and so do both my children. I love the smoothie! It conditions and softens so well and it smells great!
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jenny smith
miami, FL
Smells Great
I've loved the Black Vanilla products for 8 years. Such a value and smells great!
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Doris Smoke
Lexington, KY
So Moisturizing!
This was part of my first purchase ever of Carol Daughters. I have very dry hair. This set created so much slip to my hair. And the scent is whoa! Thumbs up!
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New York, NY
My hair is super dry. this set really helps to keep it from being completely brittle and breaking off. The smoothie in particular is amazing, I leave it on for a half an hour - it' s my sunday night date.
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Brooklyn, NY
Smells soooo Good
Honestly this set is worth it for the scent alone, so good thing it makes my hair feel so soft too lol. I wash my hair every other day with the shampoo, I use the smoothie for a deep conditioning treatment once a week (30 mins) and I use the leave in daily to detangle and refresh. It really makes a difference for me. My hair is wavy and gets knotty easily - no more!
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Ms Sarah
Kadena Air Base, AP
Good Combonation for Moisturized/Soft Hair
I am relaxed and I've used all three of these products. All I can say is I absolutely loved how they made my hair feel. I was a little skeptical at first because I have other products that I thought couldn't be beat. Well, I was wrong. When I washed my hair with the shampoo, I could feel the difference and I followed up with the hair smoothie. Once I was done, I used a few products from the Macadamia Line. My hair was so soft and flowy after I flat ironed it. I've pushed the other products to the side, because the results don't compare no where near what I got with these.
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Brooklyn, NY
Not at all what I expected
So *disclaimer* I've only used this product once, I got it in the mail yesterday and was so excited to try out this line (especially since I'd just finished my leave-in from another brand the day prior) So i opened the box with such joy on my face and got to work. I lathered my hair with the black vanilla shampoo rinse, repeat, then scrunched out the excess water in my hands. I added the black vanilla smoothie from root to tip and combed out my hair (it did glide through very nicely. then added a plastic cap and let stand for 10 min. I gave it 3 past the directions due to how dry my hair felt before washing. then rinsed and applied the leave in, put my hair into two strand twists and went to bed. when I woke up. OMG what horrid thing happened to my hair. it was frizzy and nearly unmanageable. I couldn't get a comb much less a finger through my hair once I undid my twists (which never happened with my prior product) I was running late to work so I had to make it work somehow but i didn't know what to do. needless to say that messed up my whole day. For the sake of trying and wanting to feel like i didn't waste my money I will try again. I followed the directions but my hair looks and feels terrible. will re-review after second attempt at BV.
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Reynoldsburg, OH
Works better on natural hair
I purchased this trio after being very pleased with the results of other CD products. I am still relaxed, but my hair grows fast and is really thick. Although I love the scent, the line doesn't moisturize my hair like the tui shampoo and smoothie. Not a waste though because it works really well on my daughters thick natural hair, go figure! I use the trio on her and her curls are shiny and easy to comb thru...at least while wet. Still looking for something to define her curls and keep them from looking frizzy and drawn up. Hair milk did nothing for her.
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Don't believe the hype- Turned CD Believer!!
I DO NOT write reviews- usually just don't have time to. However, I HAD to stop and write this one. I am typically a "Don't believe the hype" kinda person. So, me trying CD products is a long time coming. Especially since it's everywhere. After coming to an epiphany to go naturally (currently have MBL relaxed hair) I started o get some damage that I am not use to. I turned to CD, and have to say that the bottle says that you will feel an instant difference---CHECK. My hair was so thirsty after a self inflicted overdose of Protein. After one wash with the Black Vanilla Shampoo, my hair is now satisfied. I used the whole trio- Black Vanilla Shampoo, conditioner, smoothie, followed by the TUI moisturizing Leave-in, AMAZING! smells so yummy the next day. If your suffering from dry hair, i would recommend this 100%! Now, that I'm, going natural, I definitely feel secure that I have a brand that can support me from beginning of my transition to end--and beyond!!
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Nikki W
Lithonia, GA
Excellent Products
I have finally found a product that works wonders on my 11 yr old daughter's natural hair. After just one use of the Black Vanilla shampoo, hair smoothie and leave in conditioner her hair was very soft, detangled and shiny. At first I was disappointed at the small sized bottles but I found that a little actually goes a long way, so weekly shampoos will not cause me to run out quickly.
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jazmine bailey
salem, OR
Definitely not for me
This product made my hair bet hard anddry easy worse then before I washed it actually I don't think its ever been those bad very tangled also I am planning to return this set ... I absolutely love the MONIO SET THOUGH though
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Greensboro, NC
Not what I expected...
After reading great reviews and falling in love with the Monoi collection I couldn't wait to get my hands on this set. Seeing as how the #1 problem with my hair is dryness and I'm currently in transition, I was very disappointed that after washing my hair and spraying the leave-in conditioner, my hair was very hard and dryer than it was before I washed it. I've decided to return this after trying it twice and it still did nothing for my hair. However I will never stray from the CD brand, this was just a part of trial and error.
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Oceanside, CA
Return of the moisture!
I have relaxed hair and have never had such a great experience with a line of products. This shampoo made my hair feel luxurious! It instantly felt moisturized, compared to regular shampoo. The hair smoothie felt great as well. I combed it through and had some shedding but not as much as I would normally see when combing through a conditioner. I then used the leave in, combed it through and sat under a hooded dryer. I flat ironed and my hair looked really smooth and silky, it reminded me of when I had keratin treatment. I am not impressed with the scent, I expected it to be more fragrant based on other reviews. It's not as potent as the monoi line, I guess I was spolied because I tried and fell in love with monoi first. Despite the disappointing scent this is a must have product and I strongly recommend it.
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I love Carols Daughter products. Since I started using this product my hair has grown, and is not itchy.
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Racine, WI
Terrific for all hair types!
I am a caucasion female and my hairdresser is amazed at how the shades of red stay in my hair. I owe it all to Carol's Daughter! I also finish off with either Tui Jojoba and Shea Butter hair sheen or Macadamia shine mist. Even when I travel to the blazing Florida sun it stays soft and not bleached out. I then use the added protection of hair balm when I venture out into the sun. Not to mention it smells wonderful! Everything on my body is Carol's Daughter. I think I bought out Mango Melange when it was being discontinued! So glad to have found you, Thank you!
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New Orleans, LA
Soft & Beautiful
I love this product line so much! I have colored locs and my locs can get very dry. I have been using the leave-in conditioner almost daily for a few years and it works wonders to keep my hair looking good daily. But I was skeptical about the shampoo because of sodium lauryl sulfates. The hair smoothie does the trick to keep my hair soft and moisturized. I absolutely can't go another day without the hair smoothie. They also have another version of the Black vanilla shampoo without the sodium lauryl sulfate and I prefer it. I love this line and recommend it for anyone with dry hair.
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Great for Twist and Curl Fro and Bantu Knot Outs
I discovered the leave in conditioner at Sephora when I was wearing my twist and curl fro. It really hydrated my hair, especially the roots and middle of my head where I find the most dryness. By chance, my mom had purchased the Black Vanilla set from HSN and didn't enjoy it. So, I inherited it (yay me)... I used it for styling my bantu knot out and found it to work great. My new growth (5 months worth) is crazy soft. I also did a hot oil treatment with Lisa Hair Elixir and also moisturized with Hair Balm after wash. For daily upkeep, I've been using Mimosa Hair honey and BV leave in. Love how soft my hair is.
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Monica B.T.
Houston, TX
Great Products!
I bought this set for myself and for my friend, and we both love it!! Makes your hair smell great and makes it softer and more manageable after the first use. Believe the hype....these products work are are worth the money! I already had thick hair, but now its even softer and can withstand this Houston humidity!
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Rashawnica Joseph
Monterey, CA
Love this set :)
I am definitely a skeptic and I'm definitely one of those people who believe that since your hair is all dead protein, there isn't much you can do to fix it. I have TONS of very thick mixed hair, it's natural, I straighten it, it's 3b/3c in the front and more of a 4a in the back and it's around shoulder length. I'm almost 19 now and I started damaging my hair right around the time high school started, so my hair hasn't gotten past this length since and I've only trimmed it twice. My hair actually grows pretty fast so it's needless to say that breakage is my biggest enemy, I converted fully to Carol's Daughter in March and I'm never going back. I purchased Jada's Dynamic Duo, The entire Black Vanilla collection, the Macadamia collection, the Mimosa hair Honey, Kizzy's stay put hair Pomade and Marguerites magic. (Just Pre-ordered the Monoi Line :D)I use all of the products once a week as a system and I can honestly say I no longer shed like an animal, shedding and breakage are minimal. My hair would break EVERYWHERE! My floor would be covered by the end of the week. Gross, I know. Sorry for the Bio, but to know how a product will work for you, you have to know what you’re comparing it to. I can't testify for the effects of these products alone but I can say that I love this shampoo, it lathers really nicely and it's rich so I don't have to use a lot. It smells wonderful and my hair feels clean when it's all over. it also brings out more of my curl pattern which is always lovely. The Leave in is why I give this line 4 stars. It's nice, but you have to keep note that it's more of a refreshing aid and not really a conditioner, it's very thin, it's like, water with some stuff in it. For you girls that go all natural it might work as like a moisture fix on the go, but I prefer something heavier, I feel like it doesn't do much for me. It smells great though! I Love love love the hair smoothie, it detangles like no other and leaves soft and very manageable tresses.
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Washington, DC
Wonderful Product Line
This set makes my hair feel great. I'm currently 6 months in transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair with about 3 inches of new growth and I have not experience any breakage. I may experience dryness but its winter which is fixed by a deep condition and Lisa Hair Elixir. I use the shampoo and conditioner every week along with a deep conditioner (every two weeks), plastic cap under a dryer for 20 minutes and my hair is very soft. After the deep conditioning under the dryer I don't use the leave in conditioner because my hair is so soft and manageable, otherwise I use the leave conditioner as needed during the week on my twist set for refreshing look and after a quick 5 minute conditioning. I'm addicted.
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