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April 16 2014, 9:32AM CST

How CD4Kids has Leah Loving her Hair

Leah loves everything about her hair —the way it feels, the way it smells, the way it moves—all because of our kids collection, CD4Kids.  WATCH NOW

April 1 2014, 8:42AM CST

How To Get Glam Waves 2 Different Ways With The Sacred Tiare Collection

These 2 women only put the best styling products with the best ingredients in their hair—that's why they love Sacred Tiare!  WATCH NOW

March 3 2014, 9:52AM CST

Carol's Daughter Partners With Target: Perfect, Perfected!

Carol’s Daughter Founder Lisa Price spills big news!  WATCH NOW

February 26 2014, 10:00AM CST

The Secret To My Super Soft Hair

Bargain Princess loves her healthy, beautiful, thick hair! And her hair loves our super-moisturizing hairdress Marguerite’s Magic!  WATCH NOW

February 5 2014, 10:33AM CST

How-To Get The Best Curly Results Using Carol’s Daughter Monoi Mask

One of our many naturally curly experts, Helecia, loves how rejuvenated her curls instantly feel after using our Monoi Repairing Hair Mask.  WATCH NOW

January 22 2014, 9:17AM CST

How To Style The Perfect Bun-Hawk For All CD Kids!

Taylor Jae is back! Her mother teaches you how to easily style Taylor's hair after using our latest kids collection CD4Kids Trio.  WATCH NOW

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