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FEATURES Mar 15 2013 4:39PM

Transitioning Beauty of the Week

How long have you been transitioning and what made you decide to do so?

I have been transitioning since highschool. As a child, like most naturals, I grew up attending schools where I was the minority. I was surrounded by little girls whose skin was lighter than mine and whose hair was straighter and silkier than mine. I begged my mom to make my hair just like theirs, and that was the beginning of my addiction to the creamy crack. From Elementary school to middle school I permed my hair like nobody’s business. I rarely ever wore my natural hair because I did not know how to “tame it”. It just looked messy to me, and I didn’t want to stand out any more than I already did. I stopped getting perms in highschool, however, I still used the flat iron faithfully, on a setting too high without any heat protectant. Of course I was damaging my hair for the sake of “looking good” but I did not pay any attention to it.

Growing up, even in college, I’ve endured many ignorant comments from classmates and peers wearing my hair curly. The one thing that I was most sensitive about was my hair, and I’d often change how i styled it depending upon those comments. For example, when i first wore my natural hair in college, from guys I heard comments such as, “You look like a caveman” “What is that thing on your head” “You look like a witch from behind (because of the way my curls flared out”. Every time i heard a comment like that, my hair would be straight the next day and those comments would change, i was/still am very self conscience but now i’m starting to care less! My friends, who I am so thankful for have helped me overcome my sensitivity by giving me little boosts of confidence here and there, in fact all of them have gone natural as well, so it helps that we are in this journey together. Now I wear my curls proudly, its what God gave me, and I’m trying to embrace it. Every now and then I pick up the flat iron, but I am very careful when it comes to protecting my hair from thermal damage.

If your hair had its own personality, how would you describe it?

If my hair had its own personality, it would be described as free-spirited, so loud that everyone knows i've arrived before i even stepped in the room, and awkward. Haha, i'm just an awkward black girl in general sometimes, and my hair shows that trait to on some days (:

What is your hair regimen and what are your hair care essentials?

I deep condition with a diy recipe containing bananas, coconut milk, cold pressed olive oil, raw honey and avocado once a week. I also co-wash or condition with either Loreal cleansing conditioner, or Dr. Miracles conditioning shampoo, or Aubrey's all natural conditioner 2-3 times a week. I use a leave in conditioner daily (kinky-curly knot today, or Aubrey's curl leave in). Lastly, i use a curl oils called by beautiful curls.

What has been the best and hardest part of your natural hair journey?

The hardest part of my hair journey has hands down been staying AWAY from the flat irons, especially for special occasions.

Who is your hair icon, and why?
I have so many!! I really enjoy other natural hair bloggers such as francheska from Hey Fran Hey! She actually taught me how to take care of my hair through her blogs and vlogs as well as inspired me to create my own blog catering to college aged natural like me, collegiatecurly.wordpress.com Her hair is amazing, and through her posts i was able to gain confidence in styling and wearing my hair natural. I actually feel as pretty, if not prettier with how i maintain my hair now thanks to her! My other hair icons are Alicia keys, Lisa Bonet and Mara Hruby, they have always maintained healthy looking and beautiful curls.


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