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FEATURES Oct 14 2013 7:30PM

The Perfect Recipe to End Split Ends

by Merary of  www.maneconcern.com

First let me start by saying you can’t really mend split ends.  I know its a hard awful fact but lets talk about how to stop split ends from recurring or getting worse.   Ever have a run in your stockings that you had to stop with clear nail polish?  Having split ends is similar.  The part that is damaged will remain damaged but the part that is strengthened and stops has hope.

When to seal?

The best time to seal your ends is post trimming your hair.  No need for a drastic cut.  Depending on the level of damage, ½ inch should be suffice.  To avoid further splitting you should get a trim every 8 weeks.  If you want to see the level of damage, gently pluck a strand of hair and rub from top to end.  If the ends feel harder or you see a small “y” at the end it’s time to trim.    Trimming your hair won’t make it grow, that never made a lot of sense, but it does prevent that small “y” from turning into a “Y” and breaking your hair.  Again think of the stocking run analogy, it will keep splitting up causing damage to the healthy part of the strand.

How to seal?

The first wash post-trim, do an overnight pre-wash conditioner.  Applied only to the last inch of your hair.

You will need:
  1. 2 tablespoons of raw shea butter  (raw shea butter is not yellow, its a tan color, it is not scented and has no other ingredients)
  2. 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  3. 1 tablespoon of Amla oil
  4. A cake mixer
In a metal bowl, mix all the ingredients until you get a cake batter like consistency.
Apply mixture to  the last inch of your hair.  If you have longer hair you can do the last  3 inches. 
This is a heavy, thicker conditioner that you don’t want to apply too heavily closer to your roots. 
Let it sit in your hair with no additional heat applied for at least 2 hours then wash as you would normally.


Seal with this conditioner once a month. 
If you are not a fan of co-wash  (cleansing cream) and prefer suds, only shampoo your scalp, no need to scrub your ends from the little moisture that gets to them.
Sleep with a satin pillowcase to avoid pulling, tugging and further splitting.
Trim every 8 weeks, find a good stylist that isn’t scissor happy and make sure you dust your ends every 8 weeks.   If you are in NYC and need one let me know and I will pass mine along.

In strength and health,


 Merary Soto is the creator and writer of Mane Concern:  www.maneconcern.com a blog space dedicated to hair and scalp nutrition for women of all hair textures.


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