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FEATURES Jun 3 2013 5:34PM

The Highs and Lows of My Weave Addiction

by Danielle Gray www.thestyleandbeautydoctor.com

Um, I think I'm addicted to weave. Or I was. They've allowed me to wear my hair long and short, straight and curly, and let me try color all without any commitment. Plus unwrapping a weave and putting a curling wand in a few sections, which takes maybe 10 minutes to style sure does beat the almost hour it can take just to twist my hair at night. And did I mention all of the non-commitment styling options?

So I wasn't always a weave girl. In fact I was a bit apprehensive about them because growing up in the ’80s and ’90s there was a huge stigma about weaves (who can forget all the jokes Martin had on Pam's extensions). I never really thought they could look natural or blend in with my own hair so I just never really wanted anything to do with them. Then I met Indique Hair. It had me at hello.

With so many textures that matched my hair so closely that sometimes people would accuse me of going back to relaxers, I definitely had a thing for weave. But don't get me wrong—I still loved my natural hair and would wear it out often, but as I've mentioned when it comes to quick styling, a weave can be so much easier—especially since I was not trying to go back to relaxers. But one incident in particular made wearing weaves very appealing to me.

I was heading to Montreal for a press trip and a photo shoot was going to be included in our activities. I already knew from previous experiences that not every glam squad is proficient in natural hair. I wanted to get a weave before I left but Hurricane Sandy came and ravished NYC so I couldn't get to the salon in time before my flight. No big deal because I was getting some really great twist-outs on my hair that I knew would look good for my photo shoot so I could do my hair myself.

My hair looked good on day one but then on day two (the day of the photo shoot) something went wrong. Some parts were looking great, but others were—well, not so great. The French Canadian stylist assigned to my hair luckily had experience with natural hair and did some sort of really cool finger trick with hair products that brought some of the curls back to life. but we were short on time and the product I put in my hair the night before was working against me.

Needless to say, I did not love those pictures.

So the second I got back to NYC, weave it was. And though I normally take a break in between installs, right after the first one had "expired" I re-installed. So basically I went six months with someone else's hair sewn into my braids.

And it was cool—I loved how easy it was to style and when I had to be on camera last minute, I didn't have to worry about wayward twist-outs. But we all know with hair we need to follow an "everything in moderation" mantra. I didn't want to feel like I was relying on the weave or being too lazy to deal with my own hair, which were both true...lol. But the one thing you really need to watch out with when wearing weaves long term is pulling on your hair and causing breakage. Thank goodness I still had my edges, but I did had a bad portion of breakage when I took my weave out that made me want to just cut all my hair off and start over. Instead of getting all dramatic, I just shaved one side of my head. I actually LOVE the look and it kind of prevents me from getting sew-in weaves...lol. It looks good curly or straight and has been so much fun coming up with new ways to wear it.

Don't get me wrong, I still have some clip-in extensions on stand-by every now and then to play-up this new cut and add volume, but now I don't feel like I “need” weave.

Am I off weaves for good? I can't say that I won't try something different in the future, but for now I'm just too excited about my new hair (and it's mine) and all the possibilities of really cool new looks as it grows in.


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