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FEATURES Aug 21 2013 8:14PM

Summer Protective Styles for Children

by Laquita Thomas-Banks - http://allnaptural.blogspot.com/

Protective styles can come in the form of braids, twists, updos, buns, etc. and can be worn for long periods of time with little to no manipulation. Maintaining protective styles requires little effort as well. Therefore protective styles are great summer styles for children.

The simplest styles for children that will last two weeks or more are cornrows, braids and twists, all of which can be washed or rinsed in-between restyling. These are also great styles for those aqua babies who love the swimming pool.
Be sure that their hair is thoroughly rinsed after they get out of the pool. I would also suggest applying any Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla smoothie or any other smoothie before they hit the pool, so that their hair won’t soak up as much chlorine water.

After washing Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner will be a great product to use to seal in moisture as well as to use on those hot summer days spent at amusement parks or outdoor camps and since it comes in a spray bottle they can easily apply it themselves.

The use of silk/satin scarves or bonnets are great for preserving styles, but for some reason they manage to jump off the moment children lay their heads on the pillow. The next best thing is satin pillow cases.

Satin pillow cases help preserve hairstyles and are a great backup plan for runaway scarves and bonnets. Also make sure you take out all bows and barrettes before bedtime, and if your child’s hair is long enough for a ponytail, put the braids and/or twists in a loose ponytail with metal free elastics.

In-between styling to combat some of the frizziness and/or for moisturizing during the week, lightly spray your child’s hair with Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla or Tui leave-in, add a little Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey pomade to seal in the moisture then tie down with the silk/satin scarf. (This can be done two to three times a week for moisturizing).

With cornrows or flat twists, you can also use a soft bristled brush or a baby brush, to brush flat loose hair coming from the cornrows/flat twists in the direction the hair is braided or twisted, before tying on the scarf.
This can be done before bedtime or 30 minutes to an hour before your child leaves the house and really refreshes flat styles. If you find it necessary to wash braided or twisted styles before the second week, just use your designated styling day for a quick wash.

When washing loose/hanging braids or twists you can braid sections together or band them before washing. This will help with frizz and unraveling. Braided twists or single braids can also be unraveled after they dry to give the style a new crinkled/wavy look. To preserve cornrows or flat twists while washing, you can put a stocking cap over the style and wash - concentrating on your child’s scalp. Leave-in conditioners can also be added and remember to add your pomade to seal in the moisture.


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