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FEATURES Sep 24 2013 4:32PM

Short Hair, Don't Care: Why My Short Natural Hair is Just Fine For Me

by Crystal Powell of kinkyhairaffair.com

Like many of you, I dreamt of having long natural hair beginning on the day I big chopped. I wasn’t used to having short hair, and I was so ready to for my hair to reach my shoulders and beyond. Length checks became a weekly occurrence, and I would constantly search for products that would promote my hair growth.

Luckily for me, my hair grew pretty quickly, and I did everything to ensure it would continue to flourish and grow. Over time, I became less concerned about the length of my hair and more concerned with the overall health of it. During this time, I would keep up with trims, give myself monthly protein treatments, and keep my hair in protective styles to ensure my hair remained in the best condition.

Not too long after that, protective styling became necessary to save me from styling my hair weekly because I simply didn’t feel like dealing with it. The whole wash day experience became a hassle, and don’t even get me started on detangling. It was a horrible hot mess. Styling was a whole other animal, and I hated the amount of products I used in just one day. Let’s just say, the longer my hair grew, the more of a burden it became on me and my sanity.
Have you ever had days when you were just completely over your hair? Well, I obviously had plenty, so I did something I would have never imagined doing when I chopped two years ago. I cut my hair.

As I watched my hair fall to the floor, a feeling of relief instantly took over me. Now, I am free from spending entire mornings or afternoons dealing with my hair. Hair products last much longer because I don’t use much anymore. Plus, I can literally wash and go now, and I LOVE it!

Check this out though. I experienced these benefits of having short hair when I chopped before, but because I was so obsessed with having long natural hair, I never enjoyed or appreciated them. Now, I kick myself for not embracing my short hair in the past because life is clearly so much easier for me. I now see why there are naturals who wear short hair at all times, and to be honest, I might be among this group for a while.

To my recent big choppers who desire long hair, try your best to truly enjoy your time with your short hair while you have it because there are going to be days ahead when you will definitely miss it. If you have long natural hair, but you are thinking about cutting it, just do it. It’s only hair, and it will grow back.  Of course, this is just my two cents.


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