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Flawless Ends & Blow-Out Duo
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Natural 7 Years and this is the easiest and most beautiful blow dry and straighten EVER done on my own. So Impressed!
I may find a product that works well on my hair I can't help but try one more just to see if it makes my hair more manageable. I am SOOO glad that I did. This first time I used this product I shampooed with Wen FIG, did a hot oil treatment of coconut oil and olive oil mixed, rinsed very well (probably could have used a bit of shampoo to get it all out but didn't) and then I applied the Moni Anti breakage spray - shake well, sprayed a few times in my head and distributed through my hair. Then I made the for sections of braids and put a little more on as I combed through my hair. I was careful not to put to much as some reviews said it made their hair hard and with a residue. After comb out I noticed very, very little hair in my brush and in my bathroom. Comb out was incredibly EASY! My hair tends to tangle a lot and get very dry. I have been natural for 7 years and have struggled to get the texture that I want doing a blow out and press myself has been true torture. This made it quick and easy. With the blow out I used Carols Daughter chocolat blow dry cream it is WONDERFUL smells great and made my hair so very soft and easy to straighten. It was straight as a board (but not damaged) when I went to shampoo it today. My kinky curls popped right back into place and my hair felt great. I definitely feel it protected my hair from heat damage. Today I shampooed with Shea Moisture moisturizing shampoo and conditioned with the Monoi Conditioner (my hair felt very dry with this conditioner at first but as it sat on my hair it softened, still a bit dry when I rinsed out but i could put my fingers through my hair no breakage or tangles which is literally a miracle for my hair, I then sprayed the monoi oil directly on my hair this time, made my 4 sections of breads and then put the chocolate blow dry cream on each section probably about a dime size or less on each section again careful not to put too much to avoid hair with build up. I am telling you the truth I have NEVER combed out and blow dryed my hair so quickly. I will have to time it for you guys next time and do an update. But these products really did work well on my hair. It is smooth, soft, very easy to manage and straighten. Which is saving me a ton of money so that I can now do it myself. I am curious to see how these products work when I wear my hair in a fro, will also do an update on that. Great products, worth the try and worth the investment. I do think CD is overpriced a bit but I get it they are going for a great profit margin and they do have excellent products I think its worth it when it comes to the monoi line and the chocolate blow dry cream. I plan to try all of the products in these 2 lines. More reviews to come.
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Amazing Results!
I am an African-American with type 4A hair who wears my super-curly/coily hair straight most of the time. Because I was concerned about ensuring better heat protection and improving results, I decided to try Carol's Daughter's Monoi split end sealer and Chocolat blow dry cream. Today is the first and only time I used both and I was pleasantly surprised at the immediate result. My hair is super soft and smooth and it took me much less time to actually blow dry it straight. Once I put the flat iron to it, I was completely sold. I should also mention that my hair smells fabulous! Thank you for creating products that offer amazing results for those curlies who like to switch it up by wearing our hair straight. I've tried so many different products that might offer similar results; but contain all the bad things that our hair doesn't need. It's nice to know that I'm getting a quality product designed to nourish my hair while also allowing me to wear it how I want to wear it. For those who might want to know, here is the routine I followed this morning. I washed with a nonsulfate cleansing conditioner and put on the Monoi repairing mask to offer deeper conditioning (kept it on while showering). After rinsing the mask with cool water, I dabbed my hair dry using a white tee-shirt. While still pretty wet (not drenched), I put on the Monoi split end sealer, a little macadamia heat setting foam and a little Monoi oil. Once my hair was blown out, I added the Macadamia heat protecting serum and blow dried just a little more, then used a flat iron. I am hesitant to tell people how much product to use because that is totally dependent on your hair. I actually used a little more than a dime amount of the split end sealer and my hair did not come out oily. You have to figure out what works best for you. Anyway, once I use the products more, I'll let you know if I see a change in my ends; but right now, I am thrilled with my first-time experience!
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