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Monoi Split End Treatment Trio
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okay so i think this is my first time writing a review ever. But let me tell you this stuff works! I relaxed my hair yesterday using a store bought relaxer and decided this was the perfect time to use this trio. After doing 3 washes of my neutralizing shampoo to get all the relaxer out, I used only a quarter sized amount of the monoi shampoo and got an excellent lather that I was able to really work into my hair. After shampooing a couple minutes i rinsed it out and applied the hair mask - again only needing about a quarter sized amount, put on a shower cap and cleaned up for a few mins then sat under the dryer for 15 mins and rinsed it out and my hair already felt so much stronger. I put some healthy hair butter on my scalp then sprayed some black vanilla leave in conditioner and rubbed a small amount of marguerites magic on my wet hair and then blow dried. Now usually there would be fragments of hair all over the bathroom walls from blow drying but there was NONE! only a few hairs in my blow drying brush. after it was dry i put in the leave in conditioner again and the marguerites magic and applied a pea sized amount of the split end sealer on my fingertips and smoothed it on my ends.. this was yesterday and today after brushing my hair there was not one hair on my shirt. I went to brush off all the hairs that are usually covering me after brushing my hair and i had nothing to brush off. I can't believe how healthy and strong my hair feels. it smells great! I keep running my fingers through my hair expecting to get a handful of split ends but NOTHING! EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET THIS SET!!
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