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Monoi Prevent Damage Duo
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96% Less Breakage, 13X Hair LIfe

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Love This Product
I have had my hair chemically relaxed since I was a little girl. I've always had problems with breakage until I started at the salon going every 2weeks for the past 10yrs. Length is not a problem but shedding is. So I received my Monoi in the mail yesterday. I had just washed my hair a couple days ago but was anxious to try. After washing, I felt it stripped too much oil. The only other product was the mask under a dryer for 30min, and a OTC leave in conditioner. I was expecting dry brittle hair, but not at all. My hair is bouncy, it has a natural looking shine. Not oily, but not the usualy dryness I see with OTC products. The smell is soft & beautiful. I can't wait until my next wash so I can test the reduction in shedding, but for right now I love it. After a wrapping and lightly hand blow drying, it looks like I got a Dominican Blow out minus the curls.
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So greatful for these CD products
I have searched for products to use on my natural hair that would give me shine and prevent breakage. This works wonders and detangles. I have sandy brown dull colored hair and with these monoi products my hair shines, no breakage and a lot less shedding. I also use the hair milk line, leave in conditioner and pudding from the starter kit, and the kohert amen oil that only comes in a kit. Im very satisfied. I wash my hair a few times a week, blow dry it out and wear it straight. Im ordering more monoi shampoo and mask conditioner now. Cant live without my CD products.
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