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Tui Color Care Duo

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Cynthia garner
Sacramento, CA
great softening set
Love them, keeps hair soft but doesn't leave the hair oily. I love that the shampoo is sulfate free but still foams up. Thin, fine hair and this works great for it. Sweet scent, not too over powering.
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I won't use anything else
I started using this product over a month ago when I colored my hair and it's wonderful. My hair color is still as vibrant as when I first colored. Also very soft and shiny. You won't be disappointed.
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Not Just for Color-Treated Hair
I have natural honey blonde hair, which is on the oily side. This stuff shouldn't work for me, but it does. I use clarifying a shampoo/conditioner as my daily. I need to. My hair is that oily. However, they dull my natural color and frizz out the ends. I use this shampoo/conditioner 1-2 times/week to breathe life back into my hair. It is a bit too heavy for me to use daily, but it is the perfect weekly treatment. The shampoo is like syrup and the conditioner is creamy. They hydrate well, but still rinse nicely. The smell is wonderful, but I will warn you that it is long-lasting. If you do not like the smell, don't use it. They leave my hair soft, shiny and vibrant. I cannot recommend this shampoo/conditioner enough. Even if you do not have dry color-treated hair, it is an incredible weekly treatment.
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I don;t know if anything can smell better, and my hair color has been lasting! I am a red head which is so hard to keep but I love this stuff!!!!!
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Products deliver what it is written on label...
I hadn't bought this line in a few years (I'm more of a Monoi lady.) Since my hair is colored, I thought I would give this line a try, given that its new formulation is geared for color-treated hair. I was not disappointed. I didn't need to use a lot of shampoo or conditioner on my hair. I am pleased with the way my hair looks and feels after one use. Definitely recommend for people who color their hair. I am looking forward to using these products again.
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Excellent product...
I really really like this set. The smell is awesome. I love the way the shampoo felt on my hair and the CONDITIONER, it speaks volume for itself. It has that slip that people love. I'm fine either way, just as long as my hair is soft and moisturized at the end of the conditioning process... I love Lisa's shampoos and conditioners anyway. I use two of her other collections as well to wash & condition my hair. This was an added bonus, because I was going to buy some other product for my colored treated hair. Now I don't have too. Awesome... Keep up the good work. As long as you make it, I will buy it...
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Yvonne Sherrill
Philadelphia, PA
Tui Saved my hair!
I am a woman who's hair is older meaning pre/post menopausal hair which gets drier with age and I also dye my hair; My hair was breaking off like crazy and was so-so dry that it was dreading on its on. After experimenting with several of the Carol's Daughter product lines I began using Tui hair smoothie, along with the Honey Mimosa. It has stopped the breakage and put moisture back into my hair. I recommend Tui product line for hair that is "dry to the bone." It really truly reverses the problem. Thank you CD!
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