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Hair Milk Nourishing & Conditioning Refresher Spray
10 fl. oz.

Item #: 22251     
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Angela J
Indianapolis, IN
Detangle Heaven!
I have been trying to find something to release my VERY TIGHT COILY hair and this is IT! I returned to my natural hair a year ago and detangling my hair was a nightmare. I had this product on my shelf for a month and used it to refresh a curl or two one week. I thought it was just okay. I was just about to give up tonight when it got to the detangling proces of my hair care regimen and make an appointment for the salon tomorrow when I look at my CD refresher spray and thought..."Hmmm let me try it! to detangle my whole head of hair" CD fans, the ingredients in this products released the knots AND tight coils. I couldn't believe I had magic in my linen closet! It's a bit drippy but it's worth wetting up a t-shirt. I saturate my ends with it and gently from the ends up to the root. It's seriously magic!!! Outside of the Hair Elixir and Hair Balm, I hadn't had a world of results rom other milk CD products to be committed to the entire line. So when I tell you this here is the truth...it's the TRUTH for detangling and for making it a less daunting process for us 4C sistas. This will be go to for detangling on a regular basis!
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