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Big Chopper Set
93% Less Shedding
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Debra Roberts
felton, PA
Transition 1-2-3
This is the best product I have ever used during my transition. My hair, particularly my scalp improved. I still use it occasionally, (i BC'd a few months ago) to maintain the strength and integrity of my hair and scalp. Thanks.
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Olashile Nollah-Thompson
richmond, TX
This works like magic
Let me start by saying my hair is fulll,very thick and curly,dry,dull, frizzy and coarse, I have been natural for about 13 months now and I almost gave up because my hair was unmanageable.. A friend told me about carol's daughter but I thought the products were expensive. She finally convinced me to buy the HHB duo my hair felt incredibly soft. Then I chatted with a representative online and he told me to buy the big chopper set which I did. I used the whole kit with the mimosa hair honey, healthy hair butter, hair milk, leave in conditioner, maguerite's magic , vitamin e oil and Shea butter I am on day four now I haven't touched up my hair and it's still incredibly soft, tangle free,shinny and moisturized I can't stop playing with my tangle free curls. I have purchased almost every thing in the monoi collection. I also want to try the black vanilla hair smothie and the hair milk refresher spray.
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Frederica Daugherty
New York, NY
Quoting the words of Spike Lee "my new hair crack"
My experience with CD products started with transitioning. I have been transitioning for 3 months now and it makes me wonder why I ever permed my hair. I'm doing the big chopper process during the summer months in New York City and my hair is fabulous. I am seeing waves and curls I haven't seen in 30 years. Each product that I have tried has not disappointed me yet. The oil infusion, the transitioning kit, the hair milk leave in moisture, black vanilla leave in conditioner, the macadam hold, the monoi shampoo, conditioner & hair serum the list goes on and on. I am in love with CD products, my breakage from transitioning is minimal, it's soft and manageable, shiny, healthy and it smells so good. I also tried the ecstasy Shea soufflé and the combination between the smell of my hair and body literally have random people saying to me "you smell so good". Lol.
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Crofton, MD
Big Chop
I just did the big chop on 7/12. I used this kit while I was transitioning. The cleanser thoroughly cleans my hair, and it also detangles my curls well. The scalp spray is so invigorating. The only drawback is that the cleanser is not sold separately. This is the best cleaning product for my curls; I wish that I could purchase it individually.
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Memphis, TN
Big Chopper!
I did the Big Chopper, May 11, after perming my hair for over 30 years, I decided to let go of the perm(Dec. 2012) I brought the 123 Transitional Kit and I love it, I had brought the Hair Milk Kit and love the Milk Pudding, I have gotten so many positive comments about the "New Me" I was little scared about a dragstic cut, but It is so cool!! I am a Carol's Daughter customer now and forever. I am online now checking out Tui Moisturizing Hair Oil. I am looking forward to each and every purchase from Carol's Daughter!!
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Memphis, TN
Going back to the real me!
Hi, I used my last perm December 2012, and I did the "Big Chop" May 2013, I just ordered the The Big Chopper Kit today and I am looking forward to the products. I brought the Hair Milk Kit on May 22, and the first useage was great. So I decided to invest in the Big Chopper, this was the first time I have used Carol's Daughter's product. I am looking forward to a long and healthy hair experenice with CD.....more later
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Dionna C.
Antioch, CA
Best Hair Products
So I've been going natural for about 4 months now. I did the big chop on the 6th. I just got this kit in the mail today. Based on my 1st time using it I really think it's a 5 star. The 1st step of the kit made my hair so soft. The 2nd step made my scalp tingle which felt so good. The 3rd step I can't really say it made my hair or scalp feel different. The black vanilla leave in conditioner, I've been using for months, keeps my hair moist. And the hair milk leave in moistrizuer helped my hair not dry out so much. I have really dry hair but that's why every other day I co-wash my hair. I have to say Thank You Lisa Price for sharing your wonderful hair products with us. I love Carols Daughter products!
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