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Hair Milk Nourishing & Conditioning Styling Foam
5.85 fl. oz.

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Best Styling Foam
When I started using the styling foam I was not sure how it would work with my hair but it is great. The foam slathers up so well that only a small amount is needed if you are doing a rod set or a roller set. When I part my hair I apply a small amount to the hair and then roll once the hair is completely rolled I get under the dryer for an hour. When I take the rods or rollers out my hair it has a shine on it from this wonderful styling foam. Thanks Lisa for making a great product that works well for me. The only compliant I have is that the container size is too small.
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#1 Product
This is my go to for my wash n' go. My curls are shiny and defined, holds up to humidity flexible styling ability. I finally found something that I can use daily for my natural curls. I hope the formula is never changed.
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Great For Relax Hair
I purchased this styling foam to replace the one I'd been using for a while. As you know most wrap styling foams leave your hair stiff and crunchy; this styling foam does not. The end result is so different than what I'm use to. The good thing about this styling foam is that you don't need a lot or at least I don't because my hair is short and it's relaxed. A few small pumps and I was set to go. When I came from under the dryer I was amazed at how soft my hair was. No more crunchy hair. Check it out you won't be disappointed!! I will continue to buy this as long as they sell it.
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Amazing twist out
I was using the macadamia heat styling foam but I decided to try this one after hearing a customer commenting on how well it worked on her clients while Lisa was on the air with HSN. OMG... this will be a staple in my hair regimen. I used it with along with the Monoi products and the Marguerite ' s magic. The result was my best twist out ever. No frizz, the curl pattern was pronounced all day, plenty of shine and better elongation. Winner!
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OH MY GAWD, this is amazing!
I have 4c hair and I have been natural for 4 years. I have always have a problem with my twist outs, bantu-knot out, or any other styles.I have tried shea moisture, cocnut oil mix, shea butter, jane solution, grease, anything you can think of and no matter what my styles will FRIZZ up after every take down. I was beginning to get frustrated and was leaning towards getting a texturizer. BUT then one day last week, I saw that carol's daughter was being sold at Target. So i decided to go and buy the cleaning conditioner, hair milk styling foam, and the sacred styling cream. ..All I can say is I was so excited and happy about my results. As I was putting the styling foam and cream on while I was doing my twist out I saw my hair becoming defined and soft as can be. The next morning, I woke up and took out the flat twist out and my hair was beautiful.I live in New Orleans and I went run some errands in the rainy weather; my hair stayed styled and I did not have a bit of frizz. I thank god for carol's daughter. It work wonders on my hair right when I was about to give up!
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helps activate my weak curls, while giving definition that's not crunchy
Defined but not crunchy curls. And doesn't weigh my fine hair down at all. AND doesn't dry my very dry ends out (no added flyaways). Happielujah!! My curls are naturally weak, and I've tried a TON of products from high to low end. I'm so happy with this one. The way the cap produces fresh foam each time is genious. I'm sure everyone needs to find their own sweet spot with this type of product. But I scrunch the Carol's Daughter foam on my ends.
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Product I've been searching for my whole life!
I am seriously in love with this, please never discontinue! I am of Dutch heritage and have fine, curly blonde hair that likes to be flat/straight on top and has a tendency to frizz. I have always wanted big, flouncy, loopy curls that are nice and texture-y and not too perfect - you know, not china doll ringlets but not 80's curls either. This has been next to impossible to achieve (without a full blow-out / tease / curling iron routine, which I refuse to do on the daily). Styling creams keep it soft but don't provide enough hold, most mousses make it crunchy and too "ringlet-y" for my taste, and if I layer product it weighs down my fine hair and the roots fall flat. It's been a problem. Now this stuff. I put two pumps on my roots, two pumps throughout my ends, blow dry upside down with a diffuser, and I'm done and it's perfect. If I don't have time to blow dry, my hair still air dries quite nicely with good hold and no crunch. I haven't tried straightening with it yet, but I'm optimistic. Seriously my new best friend. And the fact that it's non toxic and the company doesn't test on animals is just the cherry on top of this perfect product (for me) sunday.
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Soft, Soft, & Soft hair
I love this product. I my hair is SOFT! Very happy.
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Worcester, MA
This is What I've Been Searching For
I have very soft baby-fine hair with waves that tend to go straight and frizzy without some encouragement, or with too much encouragement. (if you know hair typing, it might be 2 b/c, but I call it 2LOL). I've been looking for a product that 1) doesn't weigh down my hair, 2) isn't sticky or crunchy, 3) defines my waves without drying them out, 4) doesn't contain silicone and 5) doesn't break my wallet. I've found all that with Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Nourishing & Conditioning Styling Foam. I like that the foam scrunches in like a mousse, which makes it easy to get the product into the sections I want it, and makes it hard to overdo it. My air-dried hair is shiny and the waves are defined instead of looking lank and stringy or dry and crunchy. The first day I used the foam, I got multiple compliments on my hair, and the foam was the only part of my routine that I changed. The scent is nice and clean, and doesn't linger. The product washes out well with a no-poo shampoo or a cowash, and so far hasn't caused any build up. Carol's Daughter - please continue making this foam for a long time to come!
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I have blond color treated wavy curl fine hair tryed most curl creams mousse light gels to get my hair to curl without frizz or crunch. This product does that makes soft frizzled free curls and waves I defuse to bring out the curl end up with soft natural waves no crunch or globed together look my new go to product
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Touchable soft curls
I have never used a foam wrapping lotion before on my flexi rod set, but when I saw this in target I knew I had to try it. I am huge fan of the flexi rod set and I usually using a defining cream. When I finished my wash and conditioning routine, I sectioned my hair into fours and used about two pumps each and then evenly distributed into my hair. once I sat under the dryer for about two hours due to my hair being really thick and long, my curls came out super soft and bouncy. I give this product an A. Best product I used this far from this collection.
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