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Lisa’s Hair Elixir Healthy Scalp & Hair Collection
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Rebecca B
Winston-Salem, NC
really helps my itchy scalp
I've been using the hair elixir duo for about 2 months now and I've experienced a real improvement in the condition of my scalp. Whenever my scalp is itchy I spritz it with the spray (love the applicator - gets the spray right where I need it) and also sometimes use the oil. Not only does it relieve the itchiness but I found when I washed my hair today I didn't have the driving urge to dig my nails into my scalp and scratch and scratch because my scalp wasn't itching ferociously like it usually does when it's time to wash my hair!! And this is the dead of winter when my scalp is the most dry!! BTW, I have very fine, kinky hair which is currently about shoulder length. My hair tends to be very fragile and since using the elixir duo it seems to be healthier and less fragile. It also has more slip to it so detangling is easier. My hair has even grown quite a bit. I am very happy so far with this combo.
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Great Stuff
I have used the hair oil before as a hot oil treatment, but I enjoyed using this duo. This combo was a great deal as it helped with cleansing my scalp which is vital for healthy natural hair. I have really thick hair and surprisingly it didn't take much use to get thru my entire head. Love this product!
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Great Product!
I've been using these products for a month now and I've seen a big difference when using it. I wash my hair once a week and it usually gets oily after 5 days. I've the worst combination: oily scalp, dry ends. So after just 5 days, my hair doesn't feel nice anymore and as I don't want to wash it too often I have to stay 2 days with bad hair. That's why I started using Lisa's Elixir treatment, to help my hair being healthier, less oily and weightless. After the 4th utilization, I've noticed that my scalp was significantly less oily and felt very nice. The trick is to leave the product in as long as you can. I usually leave it for about 20 mins, sometimes more when my scalp has been very itchy. Because, yes! This product also soothes itchy scalp, which I do have also. It's really important to leave it in as long as possible because when I leave it for about 5-10 minutes, it definitely doesn't work as well and you can see a difference after a few days. I strongly recommend this set and look forward to seeing how my hair will grow!
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Henrietta L. Davis
Charles Town, WV
Works Great!!!!!
I got this last week and tried it on the weekend. OMG! This combo is great. My scalp and hair both felt and still feel great. I can't wait to use it again this weekend. I am going natural and have been getting my hair twists and it is working great. I love the way my scalp feels. Thank Lisa.
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