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Black Vanilla More Manageable Hair Set
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LOVE IT but...
I love this set! It smells great and really does make your hair softer the more you use it. I usually just use the shampoo and leave in once a week and use the hair mask once a month. However, I wish that the shampoo detangled better. The Purifying Extra-Gentle Cleanser from the big chop set detangled AMAZINGLY and really set the bar high. Whatever they put in cleanser to make it such a great detangler they should put that in the black vanilla shampoo, and then it would be 5 stars easy. But besides that it's a wonderful product and after 3 months I am super happy with this purchase!
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i tried this product and it scared me a bit. I have purchased many CD products loved them all but honestly this one is my least favorite. My hair was tangled and i was really nervous. The leave in really didnt work to well on detangling my hair as most leave in's should. Smells good though.
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St. Petere, MO
Good stuff, mmm good smelling
The Black Vanilla set is 2 thumbs up for smell, cleaning and moisturizing. I won't buy any other leave-in, shampoo because this is a favorite. And did I mention it smell great, my boyfriend loves the way my hair smells with it on.
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Love it on My transitioning hair!!
I've been transitioning for about 2months now an the very first time i used the shampoo in the shower, my hair felt super soft. the leave in conditioner is great too an the hair cream works wonders when you put it on your edges an hair an wrap it at night. All of them are light with a great sent. Looking forward to trying many of Carol's products!!
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Dayjia C.
Bronx, NY
The Best Product I Have ever Used!!!
I was a complete product junkie...Always trying too find ways too tame my 4b/c hair four months ago i decided too transition....The first time i used this product i was first of all in love with the smell of each item and how easy it was for me too comb out my hair with the black vanilla leave-in....a must have!!!! my new staple
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India Williams
Milledgeville, GA
I am in the process of transitioning, and I have tried almost everything under the moon to detangle, add moisture and help maintain my transitioning hair, and nothing has worked. I tried CD and this stuff is heaven sent, the black vanilla shampoo is wonderful it cleanses my scalp and you only need a small amount to lather your hair so this is a great thing, the leave-in conditioner is great for me because i can add moisture to my hair whenever I need to, and it actually works!! Now the maugerite cream is wonderful because you only need a small amount and this stuff is great for wrapping your hair, just rub it through your hair and wrap it, and trust your hair will be so silky and manageable when you comb your wrap down, and the best part is this cream does NOT weigh your hair down, you still maintain body. Anyone who is considering using this stuff, believe me it is a sound investment for your hair
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Kimberly Chapman-Bell
Douglasville, GA
Absolutely Love This Set!!!
I have been using Carol's Daughter on my daughter's hair for 1 year now, she is 4 years old and I wanted to keep her hair natural for as long as I can. I am so pleased with how healthy her hair is. Compared to the products that I have used, CD is incredible. I love Some of Margerite's Magic, it does not leave her hair greasy and it is the only thing that controls the frizzyness of her hair. I also use the Black Vanilla Leave in Conditioner, along with the Shampoo and Black Vanilla Smoothie. I would recommend this product not only for yourself, but for your daughters as well. It really works!!!
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Rashawnica Joseph
Monterey, CA
Good Stuff :)
I am definitely a skeptic and I'm definitely one of those people who believe that since your hair is all dead protein, there isn't much you can do to fix it. I have TONS of very thick mixed hair, it's natural, I straighten it, it's 3b/3c in the front and more of a 4a in the back and it's around shoulder length. I'm almost 19 now and I started damaging my hair right around the time high school started, so my hair hasn't gotten past this length since and I've only trimmed it twice. My hair actually grows pretty fast so it's needless to say that breakage is my biggest enemy, I converted fully to Carol's Daughter in March and I'm never going back. I purchased Jada's Dynamic Duo, The entire Black Vanilla collection, the Macadamia collection, the Mimosa hair Honey, Kizzy's stay put hair Pomade and Marguerites magic. (Just Pre-ordered the Monoi Line :D)I use all of the products once a week as a system and I can honestly say I no longer shed like an animal, shedding and breakage are minimal. My hair would break EVERYWHERE! My floor would be covered by the end of the week. Gross, I know. Sorry for the Bio, but to know how a product will work for you, you have to know what you’re comparing it to. I can't testify for the effects of these products alone but I can say that I love this shampoo, it lathers really nicely and it's rich so I don't have to use a lot. It smells wonderful and my hair feels clean when it's all over. it also brings out more of my curl pattern which is always lovely. The Leave in is why I give this line 4 stars. It's nice, but you have to keep note that it's more of a refreshing aid and not really a conditioner, it's very thin, it's like, water with some stuff in it. For you girls that go all natural it might work as like a moisture fix on the go, but I prefer something heavier, I feel like it doesn't do much for me. It smells great though! MM is by far the best moisturizer I've ever used!! It's like magic, the texture is amazing, and so is the smell. It leaves your hair shiny, smooth, and Moisturized, not GREASY, I now know the difference. I love it. And it lasts! It’s the only product I use for moisture between washings, maybe twice a week. And my hair just feels so much more soft and healthy, and so shiny.
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Ashley Parker
New york, NY
love it!!!!!
First off, let me start by saying that I love this set most out of all the carol's daughters products I have purchased. I have very curly hair. I am 100% natural (im 23 yrs old and have NEVER relaxed/permed my hair) I have been doing research on how to maintain health and strength in your hair using natural preferably ethic hair care products and carol's daughter is one of the most natural you can find. I use the shampoo every week as well as the hair smoothie. I usually sit under the dryer with the smoothie in my hair and when I rinse it, my hair is very soft. I have been using this set for the past 2 months and am very pleased with the results
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Lynn Donovan
Salem, MA
Embrace your hair set
Lisa, I am cursed with baby fine,limp hair. Your products gave my hair shine and healthy bounce I never had! Thank you!
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lakeisha dixon
new britain, CT
perfect set!
please ladies give this products a try.you'll love it! im telling you im a lifer lol.it smells great looks great and helps the hair grow.you can't beat it.
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I thought this included Black Vanilla Smoothie
I just received my order. I so love the Black Vanilla Collection. I use it religiously. I ran out of my Black Vanilla Leave-In just the other day. I decided to look and see if CD offered a set. I thought I found the set only to find that the condition along with the Black Vanilla Shampoo and the Leave-In was Margerite's Magic. I've never tried Margerite's Magic. I guess there's no better time than the present. Change is Good. I would like if you all would offer the Complete Black Vanilla Collection in the future.
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