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Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Hair Sheen
4.3 fl. oz.

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Melanie M.
Atlanta, GA
Nice sheen spray finish
BV moisture & shine hair sheen is a nice finish for my twist outs. It's just enough shine without buildup or, slickness. I love the way my hair shines and it only talks a few pumps once per day. The smell is very nice and not too overwhelming! I got a little nervous when CD partnered with L'O'Real. This is the best my natural hair has looked and felt since I stopped going to a stylist on a weekly basis.
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K Jackson
Nashville, TN
Jeezus Juice
I have shoulder length natural hair but I wear virgin Indian extensions to prevent damage from daily wear and tear. I invest hundreds in my hair so I only use the best products available. I've loved the Black Vanilla line for years as it is the only product that leaves my hair soft, shiny and clean..and that's before I apply conditioner. However, my hair regiment requires that I use hair oil and that is where I struggled the most. Most products in stores are either too greasy and weighed my hair down or too light, resulting in my having to reapply the oil multiple times throughout the day. Imagine my delight when I discovered CD finally launched the BV oil!! I love the BV scent with the shampoo and conditioner and now I get to keep the same lovely scent with the oil products. I only have to spray my hair once in the morning, and my hair stays fresh, frizz free, and smooth all day. If I spray before using ceramic flat irons, it makes my hair even more super silky. I get compliments daily on how beautiful and healthy my locks are and how I smell like I'm going to the beach. When asked what products do I use, I say without hesitation... Carols Daughter, honey!! Go get you some too!
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Black Vanilla Moisture and Shine Hair Sheen works on straight hair too!!
It's very dry where I live and I was about to stop straightening my hair because it was getting brittle even though I was deep conditioning it frequently. When I brushed my hair my ends would break off into my sink. I used the Black Vanilla Moisture and Shine Hair Sheen and now I see like 10 pieces of hair in my sink. I literally counted them because there was a time when there were too many to count! The way that I use it is when my straight hair goes limp ( about a week after I wash it) I take the Black Vanilla Hair Sheen and spray my roots, my ends and any part of my hair that feels dry. Then I massage it in and brush my hair into a high bun. It makes my straight hair so soft!!! I do it every other day for a week. It gets oily but it's in a bun so I don't mind. I don't do it when my hair has just been straightened because it will make it oily and stringy sooner. I may spray some (a little) in my hands and run it through my hair and then mist the top of my hair with it for shine! After all that's what it's made for right? It is the best thing since the Tui Sheen! I love them both! But I might love this one just a little more!
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Very Shiny
My curls are always best the day I shampoo or co wash but the next morning it would be frizzy. I like the hair milk refreshing spray but I have found this hair sheen works even better to make my type 3b curls look shiny and smooth again.
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