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Lisa’s Hair Elixir Duo
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Yolanda Cummings
Aurora, IL
Totally Blown Away
I received the travel sizes of these products with a purchase of the scalp treatment duo and just placed them aside. I decided to give them a try today and I was totally amazed at how well they worked on my coils. After using the scalp treatment, I shampooed with this product and was quite pleased at how it lathered but not strip my hair. I was able to detangle during the shampoo cycle. My coils have different porosity levels throughout so I felt like the low porosity areas felt a little rough but once I added the conditioner, my coils came alive! My hair is so soft and smooth after this conditioner. It all rinsed away nicely and I was left with well detangled, defined and soft fluffy coils. I almost skipped my deep conditioning process afterwards! My first impression is Yaassss!
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Perm In A Bottle
I purchased this product back in February and never used it until the month of July. Honey Child if I had known how GREAT this product is I would've used it soon as it arrived In the mail. I have very kinky tangled hair and the ONLY TIME I'm able to comb through it is AFTER I get a perm. OMG!!! I did a quick wash on my hair and took a wide tooth strong wig brush and comb thru my hair!!!! I couldn't believe my results. I thought I was tripping. So the following week I used it again and it felt like I applied a perm to my head. The only thing I done different was wet my hair and mix the Shampoo and conditioner together. I messaged my scalp/hair for over 10 minutes. (I did have to get my hair wet again) THIS PRODUCT WORKS WONDERS!!! I will ALWAYS make sure I have this product on deck. No more perms for me!!! This does the job 100%!!!
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Constance Arnott
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Best Detox Set for a Healthy Hair Care Regimen
I am a newbie to being natural. I did the big chop about four weeks ago. My first three weeks were very rough as I didnt know how to take care of my own natural 4B hair. II experimented with a different product line before using CD, but the other product line did not give me the results I wanted. The other poduct line made my hair brittle and break off. I was already a little depressed from chopping my hair off in the first place now I had to deal with unwanted breakage was even more frustrating. Before going natural I did a lot of online research about moisture/protein balance, length retention, protective styles and everything else I could find. So I thought I knew what I was doing but it just wasnt working out no matter how many products I used. After much frustration I went to a professional salon for advice on how to get my hair to do the things I wanted it to do - stay moisturized and grow. The stylist recommended CD to me. After trying the Lisas Hair Elixir Duo set I have to say I am hooked. I didnt want to start with this set initially, but I figured I would give it a try to detox all the junk I put in my hair over the last three weeks and start fresh. The shampoo was amazing. One thing I noticed, unlike other clarifying shampoos, is that it cleaned my hair without stripping it. My hair felt fluffy and moisturized after using the shampoo which was already a plus for me. The conditioner is divine! It had a lot of slip which allowed me to easily finger detangle my hair as I massaged my scalp. The scent is heavenly and lingers for days. I am so glad that I started my CD regimen with these two items! I feel like I am now on the right track to achieving my goals with my hair and its such a beautiful thing to know I have a great product like CD to support my natural journey!
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Washington, DC
Great Shampoo & Conditioner for Transitioners
Over three months ago, my mother and I decided to embark on the journey to return to and rock the hair we were born with. Our stylist informed us that we would need a sulfate-free shampoo for home as we schedule bi-weekly hair appointments, and we may have to wash our hair more often between seeing her as we got further into our transition. I researched several lines of sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, came on Carol's Daughter's site as I used to buy Carol's Daughter Hair Milk products for my son, and found Lisa's Hair Elixir for relaxed to natural hair. I purchased for us to try and we brought to our stylist for her to try as well and give a professional opinion of the product. She was skeptical at first, but tried it on both of us and by the second or third wash and deep conditioning she did she was and has been pleased with the results. We like how the products feel in our hair, and our hair as responded well to the product.
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Miami, FL
I'm Hooked
I absolutely cannot go back to using my previous Shampoo and Conditioner. Lisa's Hair Elixir is everything! The shampoo is clean but not stripping. And the conditioner makes detangling almost a non-factor. After the first use I noticed a huge improvement in my usual itchy flaky scalp. I am transitioning and it works well with both textures of my hair. Love love love it!
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Chicago, IL
My hair says "Thank You"!
For a few years now, I have struggled with finding a shampoo and conditioner that work well with my hair. Recently, some of the other brands that I used changed formulas and my hair was not having it. My hair was having fits. I was watching a YouTube video and saw tone of the Lisa's Hair Elixir products featured. This caught my attention and after reading the information on the site, I purchased the shampoo and conditioner set. OMG!!!!! Why didn't somebody tell me about this sooner! After just one shampoo and conditioner cycle, my hair feels so much better and it performing so much better when it is styled. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE FORMULA ON THESE PRODUCTS. I will continue to use these products because my hair definitely says "Thank You"!!!
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Cynthia garner
Sacramento, CA
helps grow my hair.
I can't believe how quick my hair is growing. I recently cut my hair because it just felt so long so I cut off 10 inches into an a line, it was pretty short after about 5 weeks I went to get my hair cut again and my hair dresser was shocked at how quick I needed it cut again. I pair this with the scalp spray when I use it. About twice a week, then use monoi or tui on other days my hair doesn't feel as dirty. I am complimented daily on my hair thanks to these products.
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I love this duo! My scalp was terribly itchy. I needed something to eliminate the itching. This duo did the trick. They provide a welcoming tingling sensation that calms the scalp, especially the conditioner. I allow the conditioner to sit on my hair and scalp to soak up all that calming goodness before rinsing out. They remind me of and feel like antiseptic.Scalp feels clean and healed. Both are concentrated, so a little goes a long way, which makes them economical. They provide slip, especially the conditioner. Hair is a TWA and has slightly grown. Not sure if because of products, but do know products have helped with the itching. Planning on using these forever. Thanks, CD. You did one then!
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silver spring, MD
luv this stuff!!!
Like Toni of Renton, WA I am a menopausal woman with thinning brittle hair. I love this set of products. I bought them as a final effort to improve my hair texture since going natural again. Being lazy I left the conditioner in my hair overnight. I was pleasantly surprised at how it improved my hair. It is softer and finally has a shine to it. So if you are like me please give this a try. But like, Toni my only problem was getting the conditioner out of the bottle. I have arthritic hands so it was a little difficult getting the product out of the bottle. I stored it upside down and hope this will help the next time around. Otherwise, the product itself is awesome.
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Clean and Healthy
I was drawn to this set for the hair growth property after I originally saw reviews on the Monoi products. I am trying to grown out my hair and get rid of the color treated portion. I have been using these two for about two weeks, I can't say my hair has grown any faster but it definitely is healthier and feels stronger. The shampoo is a nice sudsy product and works easily in and the conditioner is thick and moisturizing, a little goes a long way with these two products. My hair feels healthier and I've notice less shedding which is a huge plus for me. I will repurchase this line and recommend to anyone with damage prone hair or thin, soft hair like mine. I am hooked on Carol's Daughter products now.
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Beverly Dey
Flushing, NY
Holy Grail Products!!
I have used many of the Carol's Daughter products and have enjoyed them all, but I have to say that the Lisa's Hair Elixir shampoo and conditioner set is the best for me. The shampoo cleanses my scalp and hair well but doesn't leave my hair feeling stripped. It feels so moisturized after rinsing I can't believe it. The conditioner is very thick and has good slip and de-tangles easily. I have dry, texlaxed, slightly porous hair that is always dry and my scalp gets greasy build up, so I have to wash my hair frequently, but I am leary of shampoo but I love this stuff. One draw back is that theyare both so thick that I it is difficult to get them out of their bottles that I put the conditioner into a tub type conditioner so that I can scoop it out so I don't lose a drop. I like the Tui line and the Monoi deep conditioner but Ellixir is definitely my go to product line. I will def re-order. Ladies give this one a try, you will not be disappointed.
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Beverly Dey
Flushing, NY
Holy grail set
I have used many products from Carol's Daughter product lines and have enjoyed them all, but I have to say that the Lisa's hair elixir set is the best; this is hands down my favorite! The shampoo does not strip my hair, cleanses my scalp well but does leave my hair well moisturized. The conditioner is thick and has good slip and de-tangles very well. I like the Tui line and the Monoi deep conditioner but the Elixir line is the best hands down because it serves my needs the best. Ladies give this one a try, you will not be disappointed. One draw back is that the shampoo and conditioner are so thick that it is difficult to get them out of their bottles. I transferred the conditioner to a tub type container and scoop it out like a treatment conditioner cuz it is that thick and also I don't want to waste one drop of it. These are my new holy grail products!!!
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Love this stuff! I did my first wash with these products and am in love! My curls are really flourishing and my hair feels so good. My curl pattern is much more defined and my hair is so moisturized. I will definitely continue to use this and recommend it to anyone who wants to have healthy beautiful hair. The only downfall is the bottles that they come in, they are really hard to unscrew and get the product out. I broke a fork trying to get the top off the conditioner. Please fix that.
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Dorian A
Fort Worth, TX
Love This Stuff!
I have been using this along with the Elixir hair oil and spray, my hair has totally transformed. My hair is so much more manageable now, it is no longer dry and brittle. I also use the Monoi from time to time but I love this better. I agree with one of the other reviews, the bottles are hard to use, please include a pump along with the bottles to make it easier to use.
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Tammy W
Warsaw, IN
Instant gratification
I noticed from the first shampoo a difference in the "feel" of my hair and no scalp itch. Shine is back!!! Absolutely love it....however I have had to remove it from the bottles it came in. The lids seem to be defective. They pop off and the hole isn't big enough to get the shampoo/conditioner out. I don't have time to wrestle with this in the shower in the morning. Hoping you do something to remedy this problem.
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New York, NY
"My hair is back"
I love this product. I've been using this collection for one month now, and it has grown my hair on my sides and the back of my head. I only hope they stick with the original ingredients and don't change one thing. You won't be disappointed believe me.
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Rashida Sawyer
Philadelphia, PA
I truly love it. The smell was great and made my hair feel great and easy to comb through. Can't wait to wash my hair again!!
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Deborah M
Perry, GA
Wonderful Product
I have been experiencing thinning of my hair due to hormonal imbalance. I noticed much thinning on the left side of my hair just above the ear. I cut my hair short in February just to see how bad it was. Since then I had been trying different things to facilitate growth and that's when I saw the ad for Lisa's Hair Elixir duo. I read about what it does and especially how it may help with hair loss and thinning. It finally became available and I used my last $40 to buy it at the introductory price. I started the product in August and I wanted to wait and see results before writing a review. Well, I must say that I am very pleased. I've noticed some growth in the thinning area on my left. I actually double checked to be sure I was seeing correctly. I've also notice much thickening in the top of my head as well. The shampoo is great. All you need is less than a quarter size amount and it lathers good. I enjoy the tingling sensation that I get. The conditioner is awesome. I leave it on for more than 15 min as I massage it in. I will continue this routine religiously as I really want my hair back to being healthy and full, especially in the area that's thinning. Thank you Carols Daughter.
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Rebecca Bryant
Winston-Salem, NC
At Last! A shampoo that works for me!!!
At last I have found a shampoo that doesn't dry out my hair. I have very fine, kinky hair that has grown out to shoulder-length. I usually keep it in two-strand twists. It gets dry very easily and after shampooing it always felt stripped. I had almost given up hope as I had even tried a couple different CD shampoos. And I tried co-washing/no-pooing (i.e., washing with conditioner) and that didn't work for me because my scalp didn't get clean enough. I've gotten great results for the health of my scalp using the Lisa's Elixir Scalp Set so I was excited to try this new Lisa's Elixir shampoo and conditioner duo. I am over the moon!! This new duo is wonderful!! Throughout the entire process (shampooing, rinsing, conditioning) my hair feels luxurious and silky soft. I love the smell of the conditioner. Shampooing my hair is a long process because I condition and finger-detangle first (using CD products of course). The wonderful aroma of the 7-in-1 complete conditioner is a great pick-me-up. It's like I'm being rewarded for being good to my hair. Thank you, thank you Lisa for coming up with this duo. I waited to use it more than once before writing a review to make sure the first experience was not a fluke. Thanks to Carol's Daughter products my hair continues to get healthier and stronger and easier to manage. And I am so loving my natural hair. Who knew my hair could be this beautiful??!! (My ONLY complaint is that the conditioner is hard to get out of the bottle. The shampoo dispenses with ease but getting the conditioner out is a struggle. A minor inconvenience, however, considering the great results.)
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Cassidy Witt
Holmen, WI
I have literally tried everything out there. I get sick of wasting my money on products. This product is a must. My hair is thinning a bit and from over the years I have done quite a bit to my hair. I notice since I have gotten older my hair gets dryer easily and my scalp no matter what time of the year is dry and just cracked feeling. The very first time I went to wash with the shampoo you could literally right away feel the relief. It feels like it really gets in there and soothes everything. The shampoo wasn't drying at all. I applied the conditioner and left it on for a few minutes before rinsing and my hair felt like butter. I air dry my hair to bring out my waves and this made everything feel wonderful. No more dry scalp, my hair feels soft, no itching, and it just feels clean but moisturized.
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Renton, WA
I won't be able to order again as I am having an impossible time getting the conditioner out of the bottle. The lid comes apart, and the bottle is so stiff that it is very difficult to get the product out. The shampoo is wonderful and easy to get out of the bottle and the two make my hair silky soft. The serum immediately stopped my scalp from itching. I can only hope the product release problem will be solved. I have menopausal thinning of my hair and hope this will help... Please reconsider better lids/packaging-:)
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