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CD4Kids Duo
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Amber Cosby
Roseville, MI
It does what Lisa says it will do!
My little girl's curl pattern is really tight so when I shampoo it her hair draws up to half the length it really is. I could tell as soon as I was shampooing her hair that it was detangling. I could easily separate her hair and once I rinsed it out it was as if it was already conditioned. I instantly fell in love with this line. I would normally use the black vanilla moisturizing line on her and it also worked well but not like this. I placed the conditioner on her hair and placed a cap on it for about 30 minutes because her hair is super, super THICK! I could actually run my fingers through it as I rinsed it out. This made blow drying more simple than it ever has been and she is 9years old. :-) I can tell this was made for my child's hair. It smells heavenly. A super sized set would definitely be worth every penny spent! My daughter hardly said ouch during the blow dry process and it is normally always a struggle. Thank you Lisa for this product! Amen and Amen again!
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