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Monoi Ultimate Repair & Style Set
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92% Less Breakage, 5X Hair LIfe

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Highly recommend this product!
I started using the CD products on Sunday, August 9, 2014. I've been on a natural journey since 2011 and started out with a stylist with no big chop. Initially experienced growth, thickness, manageability - it was a smooth transition....initially, lol! Fast-forward to 2013 to daily shredding, breakage, nots, so bad I had to cut it off and, my hair felt like straw - it was bad!! I dreaded doing my hair, it was very stressful and dis-heartening!!! I even started a vitamin regimen, only wore protective styles, conditioned weekly, and used jojoba, coconut or olive oil everyday to NO avail. I was 3 minutes away from going back to a perm (no offense to anyone) and, saw the CD Monoi products on HSN & read the reviews & since I was 3 minutes away I got excited plus, it was a great sale and I could relate to most of the hair experiences that I read. I called the website and they recommended the CD Balm & Margurites Restorative Conditioner (Target) for my dry brittle hair. The same night I used it & saw immediate results!!! I could NOT believe the next day my hair was moisturized without feeling weighed down. It was softer, smelled GREAT with less breakage. I received my Monoi Ultimate repair shampoo, conditioner and Sacred Repair serum (in the mail) and experienced a huge improvement in breakage after just 1 use. I now see maybe 1 to 2 strands after combing and/or styling my hair. I have since joined as a CD member (5bucks) and just ordered the Monoi Repair Anti-breakage Spray (for a daily conditioner). Thanks to Lisa and for all of your reviews my hair is more manageable and I am less stressed about it. I would highly recommend this for dry, brittle and, breakage - Happy, Healthy Hair everyone!
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Amanda Merritt
Winston Salem, NC
I first tried the Monoi shampoo/conditioner last year and fell in love with the way my hair looked and felt. Not to mention, the smell is amazing. Ever since then, I have bought other Monoi products - hair mask, serum, spray and split end sealer - and my hair has never been healthier! My hair stylist has even noticed the difference in my hair! I will never use anything else! Thanks Carol's Daughter!!
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Ashley Dillard
Dayton, OH
moni shampoo, and conditioning mask
Love these products together. Hair is naturally dry and dull, that sandy brown color, good natural curl and texture. This product has my hair stronger, less breakage. I use the hair milk pudding and moni oil for curls. I'm ready to try the refresher spray which I'm ordering now. I also like the olive oil infusion kit. Hair is manageable and great curls.
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Dublin, CA
The BEST Hair Repair set ever
I've used endless hair products & sets ranging from deep conditioning masks and repairing serums, to moisturizing shampoos but none have compared to the Carols Daughter Monoi Collection. I have thick, coarse, and recently had my ends bleached to get the ombré effect and boy did my hair really suffer damage! I wash my hair ever other day and soon after having started using the Monoi set, I noticed my hair felt so much softer and looked shinier. The shampoo and conditioner work great together. I especially love the conditioner because it's moisturizing but not heavy. The split end mender really helps repair and soften up my ends. The oil when you first apply seems a little dry however the hair soaks it up and it's not oily at all which I love. The smell of all products is very pleasant, not too strong. I absolutely love this set! A huge thanks to CD for this wonderful set!
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New York, NY
Very happy!
I recently decided to go back to relaxed hair after having been natural for two years. Needless to say, my hair is longer than shoulder length because of the length of time that I spent natural. My hair did fine for about a month and then began to break and shed. I tried all kinds of products to try to stop the breakage, but to no avail. My hair would break after I combed it or even ran my fingers through it. I would throw away a small ball of hair each morning from just styling. I was afraid that I would loose the hair that I spent two years growing. Then I saw Lisa talking about Monoi on HSN, so I decided to buy the start kit. After the first use my hair was visibly stronger and it felt stronger as well. The breaking did not stop 100 percent, but it did stop at least 90 percent and I am thrilled. I ordered the full sized Invincible Set today.
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New York, NY
While the shampoo is okay, I absolutely LOVE the conditioner and hair mask. It makes my thick, tangled hair almost a breeze to comb through. And the smell is starting to grow on me. I think this will be my place for hair care.
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New York, NY
Love it!
My daughter takes medication that causes her hair to fall out. I have never found a product to stop the breakage and restore her hair's health , until now. I purchased a Monoi starter kit and gave it a try. After 2 applications, her hair was beautiful! It is so soft yet, strong. Her hair is the healthiest it has been in years and finally, no breakage or split ends. It is truly a miracle. Thanks Lisa !
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New York, NY
I absolutely love this collection I couldn't find anything that would stop my hair from breaking off and make it grow until I started using monoi it really works my hair was so damaged now its more healthier and its growing thanks lisa :-D
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Decatur , IL
This set is well worth the money! I have recently done the big chop. My hair is brittle and damaged from all of the weave and braiding tension on my hair (including my edges). My hair felt TOTALLY different after using this product the day after I used the set on my wash day. My hair was significantly softer, I did not hear the "crackling" when manipulating my hair AND the appearance of my hair had more sheen! Seems unreal but it is real! I am a believer! I love it!
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