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Love Your Hair Gift Set

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I could'nt wait to get my products, and when they finally arrived.... I was a bit disapointed.. I washed my hair, with the Rosemary Mint Shampoo and it just made my hair so tangled, like had just taken braids out of my head, ladies yall know what I mean. It took forever to comb my hair out. It felt brittle like it had been stripped of moisture or something. I used the spray Tui leave in conditioner, thinking it would soften my hair, but no, it didnt. I think it needs a better conditioner that is thicker to soothe the dryness. Or maybe I bought the wrong set for my hair. My hair is naturally curly, but is relaxed 2 or 3 times per year. The hair balm softened it a little bit. But Im not a fan as of now.
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Shampoo only!!
I brought the whole set but I only love the shampoo; my hair feel super clean!!! I really not a big fan of all of the other products that came in the box !
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Auburn Hills, MI
Hi, My daughter hair was in a state of shock. She has worn a bun on top of her hair for so long that it couldn't breathe so It broke off tremendously. Her self esteem suffered greatly, and as a caring mother, I knew we had to do something. So I researched your product and just purchased the Love your Hair product line, and boy ole boy, I seen immediate results. Her hair felt so refreshing, it smelled good, had the look of silk. I am in love with this product and I can't wait to take my hair down,and start using it on my self. Thanks Carol's Daughter for inventing and introducing such amazing product to all women of color!!
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Ashley Smith
Richmond, VA
Okay, I'm usually skeptic about using new products on my hair because it always leave me hair jacked up. Using this "Love You Hair" gift set has been an amazing experience. I was worried at first because my hair was kinda hard after washing. Nope! After I use all of the products in the right other, and blow dried... man my hair looked healthy, shiny, and it felt sooo clean. And refreshed. I will continues to buy Carol's Daughter products.
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Not sure if this is the kit I needed :(
Let me start by saying that I'm transitioning my hair, and I'm unsure if this kit was best suited for me. I have thick and course hair! I purchased the kit and was anxious to finally try Carol's Daughter's hair products after hearing many reviews. I started of by using the Rosemarry Mint shamppoo, great shampoo, if your looking to clarify. Once using the shampoo, my hair was very dry, I assuming because it cleansed the product build up and toxins from my hair. I would use the shampoo again; however I would have to follow up with a moisturizing shampoo. Tui leave in, didnt really detangle to well for me, but great smell!!! The Tui oil also has a great smell. I'm not fond of the smell of the hair balm, but it made my hair really smooth and the hair milk was great for my naps at my hairline. I understand that the margurite's magic is good for dry hair, so I'll try that next.
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Portsmouth, VA
Omg!!! Wonderful product
I LOVE LOVE LOve these products!!! I'm so happy I took a chance and tried it. Little goes a long way, your hair will feel,look and smell so fabulous. I wish I had used this a long time ago. I'm a mother of a 2 year old little girl and I have used some of my product on her hair, and it's perfect fo her too. I will continue to be a role model for my little girl and keep it natural and teach her to love herself the way she is. Thank you for the wonderful and healthy products!!!
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Kennedy Edwards
Lawrenceville, GA
I'm 14 and my hair continued to thin due to flat ironing and overproccessing. I started using this set over the summer and 3 weeks later my hair is thicker and softer!! Alot of my friends and family have noticed the difference and ive been getting ALOT of compliments! i tell them carols daughter is the key to my hair's successs! I LOVE CAROLS DAUGHTER!
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Washington, DC
My First CD Purchase
I love love love this set! I did my big chop earlier this month, and wanted to try CD products. This is wonderful! The conditioner is light enough to use everyday, the shampo gives that tingly feeling and the hair milk does wonders for my curls. To top it off, each product smells GREAT! I also love that the hair balm is water free. Fully satisfied. Good deal for the price.
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Bosslady 3030
columbus, OH
I have been looking & reading about these products & reviews for a while know. I finally place a order on 2/20/11 for this kit, plus i oreder the macadamia weightless shine and maca. heat protection gloss. Also when i order i got a free product the amond cookie body cleansing gel, and i had a prmo code so i got $10 off. I recieve my order on 2/23/11 excite i crack it open and look over everything. I used them the next day. I wash my hair and follow with the other products and OMG i love them. My hair is so soft and shiney. My hair is so thick and sucks up anything i put in it. usually i have to put some product in my hair every day. I have notice with Carols daug. the next day my hair is still shiny and has moist. and not all had and dry. If you are on the fence about this product dont be buy it is worth every penny. I am going to get the kids prod. for my daughter she has pretty, thick natural curly hair so i think it will work great in her hair. I am hook on this product.
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Brampton, ON
So far so good!!!
I recently received this kit and tried it out on my 9 year old daughter who has thick/long virgin hair. The results were amazing. Her hair is shiney and soft! I blow dried her hair and lightly flat ironed it to lighten her hair a bit. All i can say is WOW, she said her friends were all talking about her hair. I used it on myself today and the results were the same. The TUI line smells AMAZING as well! I will continue purchasing this kit, I only wish we didn't have to pay the duty fees in Canada. Please CD look into this. Thanks for all you do!
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Angela Williams
Philadelphia, PA
Feel the Difference!!!
I love the Healthy Hair Butter, but decided to try something else to see how it will work. So, my daughter purchased this set for me and on the first application I can feel the difference in the softness of my hair! This is only my second day using the this set, I am so pleased at the difference in the texture of my natural hair. My hair is cut short because over the years I have stressed my hair out, and it was coming out in patches. Previously, when I use Carol's Daughter's Healthy Hair Butter, I had less hair falling in my sink when I combed it. And with continued use I had no hair falling. So, I will be back with an update review on the Love Your Hair set in a few months. However, so far, I Love it!!!
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Soliél Paden
Richmond, VA
Loving My Hair!
I am 2 months natural and currently in the TWA stage. I am LOVING how "Love Your Hair" has my hair smelling and feeling! I've been looking for products to make my colored hair feel more soft. Nothing is topping CD right now!! It APPEARS soft but Carol's Daughter has made my hair FEEL and look soft! I also got my shipment in a timely manner around the holidays! Thanks sooo much!
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