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Hair Milk Perfect Styler Set
Item #: VS0256     
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The title says it all. I am a 4c natural who has (to say the least) very difficult to manage hair....styling forget about it. I used sew-ins and later moved to braids during my transitioning process due to the difficulty of my hair. wash days were dreaded. no matter how much you detangled there was always more kinks. cut my ends, moments later my hair was straggly again. single strand knots galore, dry ends that were cotton like. I couldn't straighten it. I couldn't curl it....nothing. On top of all of this, I have a very fine strand/light textured hair that breaks very easily. After I decided my last hope was a relaxer or dreads, I asked my sister what she was using for her natural hair. she has more of a 3c/4a texture but thought it was worth a try. She recommended Carol's daughter products which i had never given a try due to the high price. Came online and hit the jackpot. I tried it all. I read through and selected the things for my hair type which is very important. For my twist outs I purchased the Mimosa Hair Honey on the extremely dry portions, along with this set for hold and normal moisture. The styling foam and styling butter together are wonderful. The foam is lightweight, doesnt leave any flake or crunch. The foam itself isn't enough moisture for my straw like tresses but the butter on top is the perfect match. I flat twisted at night on 2 day old stretched and fairly clean hair. Woke up 5 hours later with soft springy full curls. I've never seen my hair this beautiful. I finally had the courage for my first twist out day and everyone loves it! They are asking me what I'm using and that it looks amazing. (Even the white guys) lol One thing I can say is dont purchase a product and expect a miracle. You have to use them as directed. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS PEOPLE. Treat your hair as well!!! I use henna treatments for deep protein. I love keeping it all natural. Washing is key I'm learning. Nothing like a good shampoo, conditioner, and water to get those curls glamorous. Definitely recommend this set for all hair types. Its not very expensive. Buy the styling foam and butter together for the best results! GOOD LUCK!
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New York, NY
Max Hydration Styling Duo
I bought this from my local Carol's Daughter store in Brooklyn, New York on April 2nd, 2015. I had to use it that night since I am addicted to most of the Carol's Daughter products. I washed my hair with my favorite black vanilla shampoo and conditioner and used The Hair Milk Perfect Styler set. I can definitely say it is properly named. When I woke up to do my hair in the morning, my hair was BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't keep my fingers out of my hair. I thought it would leave my hair with a little crunch because anytime I hear "Hold" I hear Crunch. It was so not what I expected. My hair had No crunch at all. It was soooo soft and shiny. Before the Carol's Daughter products, I didn't even think my hair could shine. My hair has not been dry or "gray" since I started to use this brand. I will NEVER use anything else. I even got all my sisters and my mom to purchase. This is an addiction we will NEVER give up.
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