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Monoi Body Repairing Transformative Cream Oil
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8 fl oz

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Body Reparing Cream Oil
I have very thin skin, it tears like a onion: It's due to the medication that I take. In the winter, using this product my scars started to disapear! Now that it is summer, I'm a Master Gardener so I am outtside a lot---wear gloves past my elbows because my skin actually tears off. This product is the best I have ever used. My scars on my arms have lighten up. I just ordered 2 bottles, running low on this product and don't want to run out. Finally, after trying many Skin Care products I LOVE this and it works.
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The Monoi Transformative Repairing Cream Oil
Oh, where to begin?!? This Transformative Cream Oil for the body is BY FAR the best I've ever used (I'm a former Korres addict; swore nothing could ever take its place)! Please know that, as I still use the above mentioned from time to time, ONLY Carol's Daughter Body Cream Oil gets me feeling beautiful and healthy (dare I say, ready for the evening --wink, wink?) to the point that I HAVE to stop myself from beginning that taunting second layer . . . it is nothing short of heavenly. The silkiness, the glow - the EVERYTHING - about this product is surpassed only by its scent. I've heard the story behind the rare flower (is it the Island's Gardenia?), that takes me back to the age of three, when my incredible Daddy (who just years later changed his address to the Gold Streets of Heaven) planted my mother's favorite flower -The Gardenia - in our back yard so that she could always smell it and think of him. In fact, she and I both did - still do - and although this is a different type of Gardenia, it is HANDS DOWN the most beautiful fragrance and memory we still share together. PLEASE, if at all possible, would you consider developing a light fragrance to compliment this incredible product?
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Sandra Guinn
Pittsburgh, PA
Monoi Body Transformative Cream OIl
My skin is very dry and this past winter has made it worse. I try different products but none seem to work. I purchased Monoi because I love Carol Daughters products. This cream oil is great. My hands felt like pleather, very cracked with brown spots. I applied the Monoi cream oil and I notice how immediately that my dry hands improved so I use all over my body to my feet. I would like to carry this product with me at all times. So if you could make another size to carry in the purse that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for bringing this magnificent product to us.
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Charlene J Cleeves
Salem, NJ
This wonderful cream oil absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling great. What I like most is how my skin stays moisturized and soft for hours on end!
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sonya mangrum
charlotte, NC
I love this moisturizer and highly recommend. A noticeable difference after one use! Smooth, soft, glowing, supple skin! The only downside is the scent!
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