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Monoi Split Ends Nourishing Trio
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Tiffani Dodd
Conyers, GA
Highly Impressed
I received my products today and I began to use them. First, the smell is light and not bad at all. I washed my hair and by the second wash I could detangle my hair with my hands. That usually never happen with my 4b/c hair. The conditioner was good as well. I was able to comb my hair with a wide tooth comb and not have much hair to be in the comb. What impressed me the most was the split end sealer. As I was putting a small amount on my ends the texture of my ends changed. As I did my twists my ends began to curl up and they neverrred did that. I'm hooked and I know my hair is just going to get better as I continue to use these products. Thank you so much Lisa because my hair is changing for the better and I did not think that could happen.
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Marie's Daughter
Ambler, PA
I felt compelled to write a review! I love this stuff already!
I ordered this trio because I have been suffering from damaged hair after a botched dye job. I have been trying everything to make the frizz go away. I was amazed when I first tried the shampoo. When I rinsed out the shampoo, my "wet" hair felt so soft - as if I was rinsing out a really good conditioner. I have never experienced that before- not even with a shampoo/conditioner combo that I have used on my kids when they were young. The conditioner also felt amazing. My scalp, just everything felt really good after using these products. Even after I dried my hair and put in the serum- my hair was shiny and felt soft- even on the damaged areas. No "crunchy" hair (as my daughter likes to all it). I felt like I had an expensive treatment at a very expensive salon! Thank you for creating this product!
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Ashley T.
White Oak, PA
I purchased this trio at Ulta because i was looking for something to repair my split ends and recent damange. I used an over the counter protein treatment and it completly destroyed my long naturally curly locks! I used the shampoo, then conditioner and left that on for 5 minutes before rinsing. After this i blow dried my hair and added just a pea size amount of the split end repair and then straightened my hair with a flat iron. I only had to pass the iron over my hair once and my hair was soo smooth shiny and damange free. It looked as though i went to a salon!! I will never use another shampoo and conditioner again! LOVE THIS!!
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