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Monoi Repairing Anti-Breakage Spray
Stop the #1 Cause of Breakage
5.0 fl oz

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Los Angeles, CA
This is the BEST HAIR PRODUCT I have ever used. I have very long curly hair that goes beyond my buttocks (not kidding I sit on it all the time), that I flat iron. Recently I've been losing my hair when I comb it out and iron it...and I'm talking what I used to lose in a week, has been coming out daily. My doctor informed me it's from a hormone imbalance...bummer, I was thinking this was the end of my long hair when I stumbled upon this product. I decided to give a try and all I can say is it is beyond my wildest expectation....ITS AMAZING! I have only used the spray but I plan on purchasing the whole line. After one use, my hair looks like it did 20 years ago AND I only had 2 or 3 hairs come out when I combed it...this is after the first try!!! Seriously! Not only that, when I flat ironed, what used to take an hour took twenty minutes! As you can imagine, I have high maintenance hair at this length and my arm used to ache after flat ironing...I am truly impressed! I've already recommended this to all my friends and you have a fan for life...WOW, JUST WOW! Thank you!
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Does what it says and then some....
Last year my hair started breaking off like crazy so I made the decision to start transitioning from relaxer to natural. I was not ready to do the big chop so I worked diligently to keep my hair moisturized, especially the new growth, so that when I decided to cut of the permed ends I would have a decent amount of new growth to play with. The monoi line helped me reach that goal. 4 weeks ago I had the relaxed hair completely cut off and my new growth was a little shy of the top of my shoulders. My hairdresser said my new growth was very silky and asked me what I was using. I was more than happy to share. I continue to use the entire line but I have to say my favorite product in the line is the anti breakage spray. Why you ask? Well for starters it really does minimizes breakage immediately. Secondly, I use it daily to curl my hair. <
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Joy A.
Brooklyn, NY
Fantastic Spray
OMG, I absolutely LOVE this spray. Now this is coming from someone who does not write reviews but I just had to take the time out of my busy schedule to write one for this product. First, let me tell you I am a product junkie and had yet to find anything that would stop my hair from shedding and breaking a lot UNTIL the Monoi anti-breakage spray came along. This product is a miracle worker. I no longer see balls of hair in the tub on wash day. I don't know what Lisa put in this spray but it's my new love and I will make sure to always have it on stock. Thank you Lisa. I love all your products. Been with you since 1997 and still going strong.
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Vernadett Jackson
Birmingham, AL
I am a CD's fanatic, but the Monoi product line is the real winner. The only thing is I went 2 weeks with out putting any in my hair and it start breaking off very bad. My advice is never run out, so now I stock up when ever there I a sale.
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North East, MD
I'm amazed & that's saying a lot. Aside from the scent (which is FANTASTIC) this spray really delivered the results promised. I followed directions & sprayed it on my wet hair. I combed through it afterwards & was amazed at how little to no hair was in my comb. I've always been a CD girl & this recent addition is fantastic. I was so pleased with the results I brought other products with this line. Lisa if you're reading this I'd personally like to see bigger bottles of your products. Women of color like myself tend to have super thick hair that needs a lot of product. Please consider enhancing your bottle sizes.
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Ivy Robinson
Virginia Beach, VA
Love this!
I love the way it makes my hair feel and smell. It keeps my twists and twist outs shiny and healthy. I don't know what I'd do without it!
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Cynthia Mosley
Alabaster, AL
Monoi Repairing Spray
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Your search for reducing hair loss during detangling and ridding yourselves of those nasty single strain knots are over! This product is superb, nothing on the market like it. It is refreshing to find a product that performs as advertised. I have coily, low porosity, medium dense natural hair and my wash days are an event, a long, tiring event. However, the Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Spray has made those days smoother and less frustrating. I experienced less hair in my comb, sink, etc when using the spray after washing my hair. The detangling process was significantly reduced. I've used it now for about a month and definitely repurchase but not just one bottle, several. I worked it through the hair in sections and add CD's original hair milk leave in conditioner and lastly the CD hair milk pudding with monoi oil serum on the ends for sealant. I have the best flat twist ever. The only comment would be if the spray nozzle had a better grip because your hands are constantly wet when applying the product and it gets really slippery, hard to hold.....
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Excellent for detangling hair
I use the Monoi product line on my hair (because I have always had problems w/ my hair shedding,) and the line worked wonders on my hair. It stopped shedding so much (which is a first for me,) and I wanted a leave-in conditioner to use on a daily basis. I bought this product as soon as it was available in the Carol's Daughter's store. I use this conditioner after I work out (to help minimize any damage the salt from my sweat might do,) and I like the scent, too (reminds me of my great-grandmother's gardenia bushes...) Highly recommended for anyone who wants to use a leave-in conditioner that helps your hair to stop shedding and breaking so much :)
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Darren Mack
new york, NY
The best for my kids!
Brushing my kids hair in the morning is challenging. I use this often and it is like miracle spray for them! I recommend!
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Debra Davis
St. Louis, MO
Great Stuff!
I truly love the anti-breakage spray. I use it daily and it really works. Love it love it, love it!
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High Point, NC
I was skeptical too..
But IT WORKS. My hair tangles easily. I didn't even completely saturate my 4B/C hair, just used spray bottle. Never detangled so easy before and I know I will always want this product. Job well done! I haven't used in any other products in the Monoi collection yet but definitely will after these results. I also won't dread doing my hair so much now. Yay!
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I am a fan now!
I've tried everything you can imagine for my hair and after my first use just a few minutes ago and I am SOLD! My hair feels soft and silky and my edges feel like they are brand new. I purchased the Monoi starter kit and I am online making a purchase for more of the product as we speak. LOVE IT!
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love it!
I've been using the Anti-breakage spray for a couple of months now and have less breakage than I had before even while combing wet hair.
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I just used this tonight after taking my daughter's curly hair out of her ponytail. Not once did she complain and that is unusual. I sprayed it on and brushed first then combed. No tangles at all. My daughter is 5 and we have been using Carol's Daughter since she was maybe 1. She has curly hair down her back and I have always had trouble keeping it tangle free. I ventured off to try A version of Morrocan oil but I am MUCH happier with Carol's Daughter. I've tried to go out and find cheaper things but keep coming back to CD. Thanks for a wonderful product
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Kemba Boothe
Brooklyn, NY
Awesome, crazy, bananas!
This is the new addition to my already large Monoi collection. It is awesome. I am often asked what do I use on my hair, it's only one answer, Monoi shampoo and conditioner , treatment and serum ,and now this the Anti breakage spray. Thank guys @ CD for making it so easy to find all that I need for my hair and my multi ethnic daughters hair.
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Smooth and Silky blow out on AA 4b/c hair - Natural for 7 years best combo yet this along with Chocolat Blow Dry Cream
I may find a product that works well on my hair I can't help but try one more just to see if it makes my hair more manageable. I am SOOO glad that I did. This first time I used this product I shampooed with Wen FIG, did a hot oil treatment of coconut oil and olive oil mixed, rinsed very well (probably could have used a bit of shampoo to get it all out but didn't) and then I applied the Moni Anti breakage spray - shake well, sprayed a few times in my head and distributed through my hair. Then I made the for sections of braids and put a little more on as I combed through my hair. I was careful not to put to much as some reviews said it made their hair hard and with a residue. After comb out I noticed very, very little hair in my brush and in my bathroom. Comb out was incredibly EASY! My hair tends to tangle a lot and get very dry. I have been natural for 7 years and have struggled to get the texture that I want doing a blow out and press myself has been true torture. This made it quick and easy. With the blow out I used Carols Daughter chocolat blow dry cream it is WONDERFUL smells great and made my hair so very soft and easy to straighten. It was straight as a board (but not damaged) when I went to shampoo it today. My kinky curls popped right back into place and my hair felt great. I definitely feel it protected my hair from heat damage. Today I shampooed with Shea Moisture moisturizing shampoo and conditioned with the Monoi Conditioner (my hair felt very dry with this conditioner at first but as it sat on my hair it softened, still a bit dry when I rinsed out but i could put my fingers through my hair no breakage or tangles which is literally a miracle for my hair, I then sprayed the monoi oil directly on my hair this time, made my 4 sections of breads and then put the chocolate blow dry cream on each section probably about a dime size or less on each section again careful not to put too much to avoid hair with build up. I am telling you the truth I have NEVER combed out and blow dryed my hair so quickly. I will have to time it for you guys next time and do an update. But these products really did work well on my hair. It is smooth, soft, very easy to manage and straighten. Which is saving me a ton of money so that I can now do it myself. I am curious to see how these products work when I wear my hair in a fro, will also do an update on that. Great products, worth the try and worth the investment. I do think CD is overpriced a bit but I get it they are going for a great profit margin and they do have excellent products I think its worth it when it comes to the monoi line and the chocolate blow dry cream. I plan to try all of the products in these 2 lines. More reviews to come.
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Athens, GA
This product has transformed my breakage!
I bought this product because I was suffering from breakage at my temple and the nape of my neck. I have always had a fair amount of breakage in those areas, but lately I had noticed that the hair at my temples was separated from the rest of my hair and showing bald patches! Yikes! I looked at Carol's website and saw this product and decided to give it a try. I am so glad that I did. I have used the product for about two months and I have seen dramatic improvement and less breakage. I use the product morning and night. I use it in my styling regimen and at night when I roll or wrap my hair. The hair at my temple has little to no separation and the hair at my nape is growing in steadily. I am a true believer of this product and will gladly recommend to anyone! Thanks Carol's Daughter!
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Shalonda Holden
Desoto, TX
The Best
I love love love this product. The way it smells the way my hair feels and most importantly the way it leaves more hair on my head. Thank You So Much
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No more tangles
Normally after I shampoo I have a terrible time trying to comb through my hair to wrap it up. This product works amazingly for me...almost like magic. Easily untangles my hair and has helped to minimize my shedding by about 80% so far. I am a 44 year old black female with relaxed hair that is just past around the middle of my back. This is now all I need. Absolutely love it!!!
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Miracle in a bottle for braids
Im currenrly transitioning with braids and was looking to keep my hair moisturized while in braids. I purchased this product on a whim from ULTA and i'm glad i did. I started using this pruduct two weeks into freshly done boxed braids and although it's a pretty expensive product to use on braids it was well worth it. I spritz my scalp with this maybe only 3-4 times week and the bottle lasted me the 6 additional weeks I kept the braids in. My hair was so moisturized. I used the Tui spray for the length of my braids. When I took my hair down let me tell you I BARELY had any shedding. I probably could of counted no more then about 70 strands TOTAL in the 6 weeks I used this combo. My hair was moisturized, my scalp was healthy. I'm in Senegalese twists and doing the same maintenance. Oh and I did was and condition my braids every two weeks.
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The best product I have used in my entire life!!
I do not write reviews but I must with this product. I am transitioning my hair and it has been the biggest challenge of my life because I hate my hair and have never accepted it. But thanks to CD products my mindset has changed dramatically!!! This product keeps my hair soft, strong and smelling so good!! I recommend it to the world. It has helped me manage my hair so much more when I do my rollers and blower. You would never notice that I am in the transitioning process! I LOVE IT!!! Thank You CD!!! Jarida
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pembroke pines, FL
Best EVER!!
The only thing that I can say is that I might be able to live without my husband, but NOT without CD Monoi Products, specially with Monoi anti-breakage Spray.
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Charlotte, NC
Best detangler ever!
Started with Hair Milk co-cleanse then Monoi repairing anti-breakage spray to detangle hair in sections. After drying I conditioned with Argan oil and I got salon quality results. This is going to be my go to routine between salon visits. Who knew...no longer afraid to tackle my hair on my own. Looks & feels healthy, strong and moisturized.
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Pittsburgh, PA
Amazing Product
I was looking for a product that would help stop my hair from shedding so much. I received an email about the Monoi Reparing Anti-Breakage Spray and had to try it because everything else that I tried hadn't worked. This product is amazing and it works! I love the smell of it and the overall texture of my hair after using it. I'm hooked and will continue to purchase!
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This monoi spray is perfect for my hair. First let me say my hair is relaxed and recently I went blonde! With that being said I take very good care of my hair and decided I wanted a change hence the blonde. My hair is past my shoulders and I plan for it to grow longer. My hairdresser recommended the monoi products to me and I'm glad she did! I purchased he hair mask, the anti breakage spray and the strengthening serum the perfect trio relaxed trio is what it should be called lol. My hair was soft after the mask and easy to comb after the anti breakage spray with is important if your looking to grow your hair long I pay close attentions to how much hair is in my comb to me that let's me know if the product WORKS! With this I see shed hair NOT BREAKAGE there's a difference I was worried I would have a lot of breakage but I didn't. As for the serum I moiusterized my hair with another product I love bee mine products and sealed my ends with the scared monoi strengthening serum by using the serum I realized my hair stays moiusterized longer which is better cause use less product and my hair is still light and flowing not weighed down because I do wear my hair flat ironed as well it seems like a lot but my hair is breakage free with the help of this my trio and love and tenderness I always get compliments on how full and healthy my hair looks THOSE 3 PRODUCT DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAY THEY DO relaxed girls try this 1 right here!lol
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Best CD Product Yet!
Wow so a couple nights ago I was trying to detangle my hair just using a comb and I about cried because half-inch chips of hair were breaking off everywhere, but it was totally my fault because I had some CD monoi spray right in my bathroom, I just hadnt opened it yet. So, today after my course, natural hair was sweaty after a workout, I decided to give this a try. My comb has never run through my hair easier! i PARTED MY HAIR IN 2-3 inch sections and sprayed the root a couple times per section and the comb ran through magically. I still had a little breakage but I haven't had a trim in 3mos so I guess this product cant be to blame. I also still noticed shedding but hopefully that will improve over time. After I finished 5mins of spraying and detangling, I smoothed my ends with some split end sealer and brushed my hair back into a ponytail and finished with some mimosa or hair honey or whatever it's called. I recently ordered a box of about half the products CD makes and so far this is definitely my favorite!
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Excellent Product
I purchased this product a couple of months ago and I must say this is one of the best products I have ever used. After co-washing with CD Hair Milk or Tui shampoo, I use this product and my hair feels so soft and silky. This product has made my hair so manageable and the best part is I have not noticed any hair breakage. My hair is growing so fast because it is not breaking off. I am so happy. Thank you for this excellent product.
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Washington, DC
I really wanted to love it but...
So after reading everyone's stellar reviews I can only conclude that the bottle that I purchased is just defective. With each pump almost nothing comes out at all and after a few days of trying I completely gave up on it. I love the serum and the deep conditioner so much and was waiting eagerly to order this spray and then...womp womp. The let down. Oh well, I guess I'll just stick to what I already love from the line since I'm too afraid to purchase another bottle and have the same issue.
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Philadelphia, PA
I'm in love!!!
I usually use the monoi shampoo and conditioner, with the tui moisturizing conditioner. The monoi conditioner made my hair feel too rough and would tangle some. I just purchased this anti-breakage spray and after first use I'm in love with this product. This time I used the monoi shampoo, conditioner and anti breakage spray. There was no tangling and my hair felt extremely soft with no frizz. It also looked very healthy. I sprayed the product all over my hair and combed through my hair with no problems. I then used the comb blow dryer to dry my hair. I recommend that you also purchase the monoi sacred strengthening serum. Once my hair was dry I put the serum on my hair and proceeded to flat iron my hair. My hair was easy to manage, smelt refreshing, felt and looked healthy, and had a natural sheen.
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staci alcorn
moraine, OH
love it
it adds moisture without weighing my hair down.i have very curly hair (American indian,caucasian)that I don't like and it relaxes my natural curl (which I love) and is great when I blow my hair straight.highly recommended.
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baton rouge, LA
I wear my hair in three big Goddess braids, I can spray this on every night before putting on my satin cap and it keeps my hair nice and soft. Smells good too! I actually feel my hair is getting thicker (and I didn't think that was possible as my hair is already very dense).
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Shayla Pedersen-Buck
Port Orange, FL
Monoi has done it again!
This is by far the best CD product to date! It exceeded my expectations. Detangling has never been so effortless and quick for me! The smell of this product is insatiable, and the feel of my hair is soft, moisturized, and FABULOUS! Please purchase this amazing product. You will be so pleased. There are many products out there for natural hair, but nothing compares to Carol's Daughter. I'm a CD girl for life!
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Tonya Jones
DeSoto, TX
Love, Love, Love It!!
While on vacation in CA last week, I bought this product along with the Monoi line starter kit because I needed to re-wash my hair. Let's just say, I'm a fan. My husband loves the way my hair smells and feels. It leaves my hair shiny and feeling very light and feathery. There was also less frizz. I would definitely recommend this product and I will buy again. Thanks CD!
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Sonja Mack
Westland, MI
New Products
Hello just received my Monoi Repairing Spray and used it on my dry hair. WoW!!!! I could feel the difference immediately. My hair was extremely soft. I use to have long silky hair and I cut it and I strongly believe medication is making my hair feel like straw with no body to it. I believe I'm on to something exciting and I can't wait to use the Monoi Shampoo, Condition and Hair Mask set along with the Repairing Spray. I'M SO EXCITED. Thanks again for a wonderful product.
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Phildelphia, PA
Really Works
So I will start out by saying this stuff does what it says really truly. My hair is soft, smells amazing and I have noticably less breakage for surre. Impressed. I had to give it only 4 stars tho because I when I got my package I wasn't really sure what to do with it. I never owned an anti-breakage spray before - now what? I called up the Carol's daughter hotline and spoke a really nice lady who told me the key was to spray on wet hair as that is when it was most likely to break. And then use a wide tooth comb to detangle. Also she sai d to shake it really well because it separates int eh bottle, you can't really see it. And lastly she said to use it in combination with the hair mask, I have not tried that yet, that why I came back tot he site to buy that hehe. So just in case you were as clueless as me as to what to do I thought i'd write it here and save you a call!!!
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No More Tears Or Breakage!
I've always hated detangling my hair—not only because of the breakage but because of the cleanup afterward in the tub! After using the Monoi Anti-Breakage Spray, I didn't have a strand in my shower and my hair has never felt more amazing! Love this!! And it's perfect for my summer hair!!
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Yvonne Blake
Cincinnati, OH
I opened my e-mail on Tuesday, June 19 ,and to my surprise saw that Carol's Daughter had introduced another product from the MONOI COLLECTION. I had plans to purchase the spray at that exact moment but got distracted with other matters. I decided that later that evening I would come back and make my purchase. Well, we all know how that goes. I got online this morning-Wednesday, June 19, 2013, and low and behold the MONOI REPAIRING ANTI-BREAKAGE SPRAY WAS SOLD OUT. CONGRATULATIONS, Carol, for the wonderful success with another excellent product. I went to my local retailer and was actually surprised to see the item on the shelf so soon. I bought the MONOI REPAIRING ANTI-BREAKAGE SPRAY and headed home so that I could try it out on my hair. I am an African-American female in my early 50's with a very small patch of grey which has recently come in. Overall, the rest of my hair is a mix between 3C and 4A in it's natural state-no relaxer. The small patch of gray seems to be a 4B. However, I also take some medications which make my hair very dry. So I must keep it moisturized as much as possible. I have been relaxer free for the last four years. I wear my hair primarily in a bun and my hair is past my shoulders. I only blow-dry my hair once a month and lightly flat iron it. I tend to wash my hair at least three times a week with CAROL'S DAUGHTER'S TUI MOISTURIZING SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOO. In addition, I use the TUI MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER always after washing my hair with the latter. After using the MONOI REPARING ANTI-BREAKAGE SPRAY today, it left my hair feeling so extra soft and moisturized without a residual feeling. Also, my curls were extra bouncy and my overall hair color which is light brown has a beautiful sheen. I washed my hair in the shower and afterwards there was no hair in my hands or on my shower floor. I do experience some light shedding when washing my hair. I am so impressed with the MONOI REPAIRING ANTI-BREAKAGE SPRAY THAT I WENT BACK to my local retailer and purchase three more bottles.
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Works MIracles
I recently colored my hair and was so worried that my hair would break excessively so I started using the entire monoi line... I absolutely love this line and it smells like heaven in a bottle. I was in shock when I went to a carols daughter store looking for other products over the weekend and saw this product was on the shelf. I grabbed the last two!! Yesterday I used it and it made my hair that is normally hard to detangle soft and easy to comb thru. I will be reordering a reserve supply once it comes back in stock
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Atlanta, GA
So I have never written a review online before but I got this product this weekend at the CD store in lenox mall and I had to share my experience. This was recommended to me by the sales rep there along with the shampoo and conditioner and I have to say she was totally right. I have only washed my hair once with the sham/cond so far but I have used the spray every day. My hair is tangle free, smells amazing and I can see that I will be able to go longer between washes as this keeps my hair shiny, and healthly looking in between. Plus, I can run my fingers thru my hair - wha?? yes it's true. that's a first. after sleeping on it. CD customer for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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brooklyn, NY
My hair loves this
My hair loves this stuff. it smells like heaven, makes my hair super soft and my hair feels stronger when it's wet. i got this just in time for the heatwave that will prob hit NY in the next few weeks, when i'll most likely be washing hair super often. love it!
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new york, NY
The comb is my friend again!
I love this spray!!! Bought it from the harlem store over the weekend and can i just say, i have super curly hair that i'm always afraid to detangle. usually i need to drench it in conditioner before i can even think about combing through. Skeptically after i washed, i sprayed a small section on the side of my head and proceeded to comb through it like butter!!! i did this all over my head and was fully detangled in 15 minutes!! i'm a convert. this is going to be amazing on vacation!
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Regina Renee Weaver
Reynoldsburg, OH
Body and Moisture
I love the Monoi Line and was so excited to see they keep adding new products to the line. I wear my hair flat-ironed and have been relaxer-free for 3 years now. Every morning I spray a few pumps of the Monoi Anti-breakage spray on my hands and rub throughout my hair and barely have to do much more. I bump the ends with the flatiron and my hair retains moisture all day long. I have been using the product for a few weeks now and I am very satisfied with how well my hair retains body and moisture as well as less breakage. Thanks Lisa for yet another great product!!! Customer for life.
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Brooklyn, NY
SOOO Psyched!
I have been waiting for a product like this - thank g-d it came along just in time. I jumped when I saw the email about it. I will post again when I get my package. Can't wait!!!!!!
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