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CD4Kids Detangler
8.5 fl oz.

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Jamie Roybal
Madera, CA
Best detangeling spray ever
I'm so glad I bought this for my daughters hair. She has long, straight, thin hair that has breakage so I had to find somthing to help with that. I've used the drug store brands and it wasn't doing any good to her hair. Still haven't solved the problem she had. Until I used this for the first time. It makes brushing her hair so much easier. She doesn't cry or try to pull away. Helped with the breakage and the smell is fantastic. Reminds me of a perfume. I even use it on my hair sometimes to help detangle my hair or if I need a quick refreshment. Leaves it smelling fresh for days between washings and leaves a healthy shine with out any product residue.I'll be buying more definitely.
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I have thin hair & I have been putting bantu knots in my hair for about 6 months. However, my hair keeps getting tangled and I pull out so much of my hair every night. I have tried tons of detanglers and butters that say they detangle but they all make my hair feel dry and heavy. I purchased this product to try (I know it's for kids) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. This is one of the best detanglers I have used in years and you don't need to spray much on your hair for it to work. I'm a tender headed adult so I'm sure the kids will appreciate this product if they don't like getting their hair done.
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Monique Barnett
Fort Worth, TX
OMG!!! Best Detangler By Far!
After reading the reviews I decided to try the trio set. I am so glad I did because not only did I enjoy combing my 3 year old hair but she enjoyed getting it combed for the first time ever. I am so amazed at how this product detangles the hair. I will be shocking up on the spray for sure. The shampoo and conditioner were great products too, but I instantly noticed the spray detangling.
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Used this product on my daughter today for the first time : it's a life saver! It's always difficult to comb her hair but today she sat quietly and no "ouch"!
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Leticia White
Riviera, TX
Absolutely LOVE
My daughter is mixed and has super curly hair. I have tried different products and nothing worked. She cried and screamed every time it was time to do her hair. Today I received the cd4 kids detangler and let me just say this product is a "miracle"!!! My baby girl didn't cry, scream or even try to run and hid from me. She just stood there and the comb just ran straight through her hair. After it was all done she said to me " no hurt momma"!! Thank you Carols Daughter for this amazing product!!! My baby girl and I love it!!!
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Amazing Product For All Ages
This product is absolutely amazing. Whenever I let my hair air-dry, it ends up a tangled mess of curls. While my hair was in this state, I used this de-tangling spray, hoping it would decrease the tangles somewhat before I washed it. The spray worked a miracle, because after I combed my hair there were little to no tangles at all. Plus, it also made my hair very soft. I will definitely be using this product again and again. Also don't be fooled by the label, this stuff is not just for little kids. Teens like it too!
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