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CD4Kids Detangler

Item #: 22562      8.5 fl oz
Price: $12.00
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Leticia White
Riviera, TX
Absolutely LOVE
My daughter is mixed and has super curly hair. I have tried different products and nothing worked. She cried and screamed every time it was time to do her hair. Today I received the cd4 kids detangler and let me just say this product is a "miracle"!!! My baby girl didn't cry, scream or even try to run and hid from me. She just stood there and the comb just ran straight through her hair. After it was all done she said to me " no hurt momma"!! Thank you Carols Daughter for this amazing product!!! My baby girl and I love it!!!
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Amazing Product For All Ages
This product is absolutely amazing. Whenever I let my hair air-dry, it ends up a tangled mess of curls. While my hair was in this state, I used this de-tangling spray, hoping it would decrease the tangles somewhat before I washed it. The spray worked a miracle, because after I combed my hair there were little to no tangles at all. Plus, it also made my hair very soft. I will definitely be using this product again and again. Also don't be fooled by the label, this stuff is not just for little kids. Teens like it too!
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