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Monoi Intense Repair Set
92% Less Breakage, 5X Hair LIfe

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I am Hispanic and have wavy but thin hair. After allowing a so-called professional attempt to color my hair (after stripping, bleaching AND dying my hair) my hair was left in a dry and brittle status. My hair was beyond dry, broke off in chunks and was all-around damaged (I straighten my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY),. I have used the Hair Milk products on my two year old daughter, who's curls were dry and unmanageable, so I tried to Monoi line on my hair.... Let me just say that I am SO GRATEFUL for this line of products. Although it is a bit pricey, it is well worth the investment. My hair is fully restored and in better shape than it was prior to the stylist almost burning my hair off for good. I use the shampoo, conditioner and then follow up with a mask created by mixing a couple drops of the Monoi serum along with the intense repairing mask while I shower. I add the split end sealer and finish off with the leave in conditioner. What I am left with is soft, beautiful and HEALTHY hair. I LIVE for and LOVE Carol's Daughter's Monoi Line. Truly a life saver. My hair doesn't fall out AT ALL any longer. THANK YOU for the BEST hair product, hands down!
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Miami, FL
love Monoi
One of my best purchases. Now when I comb my hair I've noticed that my hair doesn't shed. At first it was day by day, but now my hair is so healthy. Monoi is the TRUTH to healthy beautiful hair.
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Calabasas, CA
The shampoo and conditioner was giving to me by a friend when i most need it... my hair has come to a 180 in a couple of days and i am buying my second bottles soon.. I love my hair more now than i have ever loved it..
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This product is a miracle. I love it! In the past year my hair has been breaking and thinning. I have tried everything and nothing helped. After one shampoo I saw a difference next to no hair in the shower drain and no breakage. I cannot believe how healthy and strong my hair looks and feels. I will never use anything else! I have to share and spread the word.
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Finally No More Tears ( Simply Amazing)
In highschool I had gorgeous thick hair but after having to kids and having two surgeries for thyroid issues my hair started falling out in handfuls desperate for a solution I tried everything I could find but nothing worked so literally on the verge of tears a co worker suggestes I try carolsdaughter monoi line so I did I bought these products as well as the mask on autship off hsn and I am so happy I did. These products have brought back the shine, softness, as well as body back to my hair and as an added bonus from day one my hair went from falling out in handfuls to maybe one or two to now zero. Thank you for helping me feel beautiful again. These products are definitely a keeper and a life saver.
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My hair is so important
I had a baby 4 months ago and b4 that i used a lot of suave and other products because of my budget but anyway i had a long piece that was always in my face because i wear my hair short and long in the front that's it anyway after i had my son my hair started coming out in balls like i would wash my hair and it was like some one came in and a gave a relaxer and kept it in my head for hours and it fell out .When i say it was starting 2 put me in a depression it was i love my hair and if my hair isn't right I'm not right so i went to a store and i explained to her what was going on and I've always heard about carols product but her stuff was not in my budget but i tell u what when my hair was taking me throw a depression i said my hair my money I'm buying it so i brought the repair set and i have 2 say i am pretty happy my hair isn't flaking and my hair isn't coming out as much and it gives my hair a different feel.So being me i got happy and started buying more of her other products long story finally short if i want healthly hair i will put money 3 the side because i love my hair and i was feeling some type of way yes i have 4 kids and yes hair products or high but it's worth it .
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Carol Parker
Goldsboro, NC
Truly amazing product.
First, the smell is divine. My first shampoo I can feel the change in the hair texture, so soft. Usually, softness to my hair comes after conditioning. The conditioner is amazing, certainly felt strength and body to my hair. I love love love.
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Redford, MI
It fixes the problem
Going from all natural to relaxed fried my hair. The ends were very dry and brittle, they felt like the ends of a corn broom. After my second touch up I had dry, brittle hair with shedding and split ends. I received my shipment from CD and used it right away; my stylist was very impressed with the results. I won't let anything else touch my hair. CD products go to the salon with me. The smell is an added bonus. Using the Monoi collection in addition to the Hair Balm and Healthy Hair Butter has changed my hair. Now people stop and ask me who does my hair, I answer "Carols Daughter"!
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San Antonio, TX
Monoi is the truth!
I love the Monoi collection, but I stopped using it for a while thinking that I would find a more affordable equivalent in my local grocery. I was so wrong! I used some leftover shampoo the other day and it did more to moisturize and detangle my hair (using my fingers ONLY!) than any other conditioner on the market. Amazing! Needless to say, I am going back to the Monoi collection. It is a must for naturals.
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Sonya Weaver
East Point, GA
I have to send the entire set back! ):
This shampoo made my hair hard and not easy to detangle. I washed it twice, so I definitely cannot use this anymore with the results that I got. The conditioner was just ok. I used the hair mask as it was suggested to be used. I sat under the dryer for about ten minutes. When I washed it out, it was easy for me to finger comb my hair as the water was running through my hair. I put the split repairer on and styled as usual. I am sending the entire set back.
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Philadelphia, PA
True Miracle
My daughter takes medication that causes her hair to fall out. I have never found a product to stop the breakage and restore her hair's health , until now. I purchased a Monoi starter kit and gave it a try. After 2 applications, her hair was beautiful! It is so soft yet, strong. Her hair is the healthiest it has been in years and finally, no breakage or split ends. It is truly a miracle. Thanks Lisa !
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Rialto, CA
Monoi repair collection
I absolutely love this collection I couldn't find anything that would stop my hair from breaking off and make it grow until I started using monoi it really works my hair was so damaged now its more healthier and its growing thanks carol :-D
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Monoi Revelation
Pardon my cliche; just when I thought things couldn't get any better w/Blk Vanilla line, Monoi took it to a whole other level. I haven't relaxed since May 2010 & prefer straight styles. I think I'm about a 3-4a or b, with fine, fragile BSL. My 1st use of the Monoi didn't produce the desired results. 2nd try I left the condt & mask for an hr each under plastic cap with EXTRAORDINARY results! My mini ponytail was perfection with the Split End Sealer. Also, can't live w/o Macadamia Heat Protection Serum! CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!
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Courtney Alexander
Indianapolis, IN
Best thing for long healthy hair growth
I never leave reviews on things but THESE products are absolutely wonderful! My hair has always been full and thick but after having 3 kids my hair would start to break once it got close to shoulder length which was frustrating to me. I didn't know why this was happening but I needed it to stop so I decided to take a chance on Carols Daughter products. The results are not only amazing to me but to other ppl as well. I have so many ppl ask me how my hair grew so fast and what do I do to make it look so healthy. I wash with monoi shampoo, use monoi conditioner, monoi repair mask, monoi split end sealer (been using for 2 mos), marguerites magic, macamdia heat serum, and tui spray conditioner (all in this order) every week and just recently purchased the monoi oil that I will be using this weekend also. I have used these products in this order every week for a year and now my hair is well past my shoulders. I do have relaxed hair and have no plans on every going natural. I relax my hair every 8-10wks. This is the best thing that I have EVER used on my hair.
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agnes davis
new york, NY
workout 6 days
The Monoi Collection is great! I workout 6 days a week either swimming, running, or doing something in the gym that makes me sweat and my hair takes a beating. And with relaxed hair, you need products that are gentle and reliable not to strip it. The shampoo cleans your hair without drying it out. The conditioner is amazing- comb through your hair and remove all the knots without any pain or stress of losing tons of hair which is everyone's fear including mine. Your comb is almost empty of hair strains which is so important. The repairing hair mask adds that extra care to your hair after the stress of every day and the extra added stress of anyone's routine. Last but definitely not the least important product is the split end sealer. It completed your collection to protect my hair from losing the length I have work so hard in maintaining. This was a home run from Carol's Daughter!
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I bought the Monoi Repairing Set after having used the mask. I can't say enough about this set. I put the shampoo on and felt these waves in my hair. I had to get out of the shower just to look at it. I actially saw ringlets!!!!. I have type 4b hair and this has never happened with a shampoo. My hair felt soft and not like brillo. It only got better as I used the other products. I am hooked. I wear a weave so I'm hoping to see less breakage when I take it out. Oh, and the smell is divine.
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Houston, TX
The Monoi Repairing Collection set does exactly what it says it does!! I was thinking that I wouldn't see results until after using it for weeks. I saw and felt results immediately!! (After first use) I'M IN LOVE AND WILL ALWAYS USE THIS COLLECTION!!!
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Kristina P.
MIami, FL
I buy the mask religiusly and just started buying the shampoo and conditioner afew months ago. I save up every month and make sure I can afford it because it is absolutely worth it. I would be close to giving up my black berry!!!! I also tried the split ender cream 2 weeks ago and it made a huge difference. I couldnt see ANY OF MY SPLITENDS!!!! If you try it and for some crazy reason don't love it I will buy it from you. ITS SO GOOD AND DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT PROMISES!!! It smells so good too!
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