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Lisa’s Kitchen Gentle Soap Kit
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Sacramento, CA
Soap Kit
I had a nice time making it. I got intimidated at the use of a double boiler, but once I realized I could just use a regular pot with a glass pyrex bowl inside of the glass (just slightly bigger than the pot so no water gets into the soap as it melts) I got to meltin! :) I did not use the soap mold that came with it because I wanted a certain size/shape of soap. It came out great! I used the citrus scent (USE LIGHTLY) and put in tiny pieces of an orange peel for fun and color, as I am not using any dyes in the soaps I make, ever. I must say it is one of the cleanest showering experiences I've had. I carry a clean freshness all day without a loud smell. AND your skin doesn't get dried out or feel like it is going to crack when you get out of the shower. I also added a little almond oil to the mix... no one told me to, but I wanted it! :)
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