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Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Hydrating Conditioner
12 fl. oz.

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tye bratton
dallas, TX
best ever!!!
This conditioner is amazing!! I only use this to clean my hair with, no shampoo! it still detangles good after its rinsed out!! Im a big product junkie, and this is the best of all of them!!! plus its smells wonderful!! Will forever use this conditioner!!! It really really helps eliminating shedding as well!!
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The Black Vanilla hydrating conditioner is wonderful. I use it as a detangling cowash. It gives my 3C/4A hair excellent moisture and it smells amazing. The pump on the bottle is also a plus. The product does what it claims to do. I will be purchasing this again.
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What a Great find!
I have relaxed hair with 6 months of new growth. I tried the carol's daughter hydrating conditioner as a leave-in and my natural hair and relaxed hair "Loves It"! It made my new growth so soft and combable as soon as I put it in my hair. I've never had a product to work as well as this does. My hair remains soft and the comb glides through my hair very easily. I am so pleased with this product. FINALLY! A product that works for me.
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Rocky Mount, NC
Love This Conditioner!
This conditioner really hydrates and moisturizes dry hair exactly as described and trust me a small amount really does go a long way. I have long thick curly hair I would say 3C type hair and I am currently transitioning from relaxed to natural. I have found that the longer this conditioner sits in my hair the softer it is and my natural curls really begin to spiral and can be seen. Once washed out the hair is detangled and still manages to retain the moisture and softness.
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Magic =D
To say my hair is difficult would be an understatement, but I bought this and the shampoo with hopes it could do some damage control for my frizz and damaged ends. This is one of the few Shampoo products anywhere on the market without alcohol in it, so wanted to give it a shot... SO glad I did. This conditioner is not a leave in, but I used it as one today because I ran out of my Moroccan stuff, and it actually worked even better! Soft curls, definition, no flakes, frizz control... I'm on love. This is going to replace my army of products for a while. =D ~THANK U CAROL! Your daughter is made of magic for this one. =]
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I've been using this shampoo for about 2 months now. I wash my hair anywhere from 2-3 times a week and I feel a very big difference in my hair. The shampoo actually helps detangle my hair and the conditioner isnt too oily. You can see the shine in you hair and my blowdry feels amazing. My hair is repairing very well, which is especially hard since Im in the the military and my hair is always in a bun. I highly recommend this to every woman of all hair types.
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Kamya Cook
Richmond, CA
Carol's Daughter has done it again
I was introduced to Carol's daughter by youtube. When I first went natural I began buying all these different products that were not working. I became so frustrated with my hair I was tempted to go have my hair straightened and call it a day. My husband would not let me give up. The first time I used Carol's daughter product I fell in love. My hair adores everything I have tried thus far. I received this conditioner in the mail Tuesday. I decided to cowash my hair as appose to rewashing. Let me tell you my curls have been the bomb.com since then. My coworker, who doesn't necessarily care for natural hairstyles, came to me and said your hair looks really nice and curly. I am telling you this is a big deal coming for her. I am so in love and encourage all my natural sisters to try this product at least one time. Thank you Lisa for your amazing products.
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New York, NY
The first two times I used this product, I could not get the comb through my hair without probably breaking half my hair after washing. However, I was determined to make this work. I divided my hair into four sections and I applied a ton of the product on each section. The comb went through just fine, with hair loss than usual. It's light on the hair and does not weigh it down. I do not use it as a leave in but I tend to leave a bit of product in my hair for manageability.
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Jacksonville, FL
I must say after trying almost ALL of the popular name brand "natural" hair lines.All the stuffy everyone raved about didn't seem to work on my hair.No popular conditioner could give me that moisturized feeling for more than 10 minutes or it was still dry as soon as I applied it.Honestly after some of the reviews for this product I was reluctant to try it.I put off purchasing this product for so long.While in Target one day I picked it up thinking,what the heck,I've tried everything else,I came home not having high expectations for this product but I'm glad I did try it.It worked beautifully for my daughter & I's tricky 4/B & 4/C hair.First,the smell is AMAZING.This product adds beautiful shine & moisturization.I am so glad I picked up this product.
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Brooklyn, NY
After trying a few CD products on my hair I was not impressed. I saw a new collection of products at target and decided to try the black vanilla. It smells edible, and it is a great moisturizing conditioner for my stubborn dry hair. It even defined my curls. Great product.
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Black Vanilla Conditioner
Oh my! I bought this by chance while in an out of town Target (we don't have one where I live). I just co-washed my hair, and I must tell you; my hair has never felt this lustrous and soft! I never write reviews, but I had to write this one!!
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Hanover, MD
Love this conditioner
I've been using this conditioner off/on since I started transitioning around July '12. My first impressions were 1) LOVE the smell 2) very creamy/hydrating and 3) a little goes a long way. Even though it's technically not a leave in conditioner, I would use a very small amount as a leave in while doing twists and my hair looked amazing! It never looked dry, which was always my main problem. I did feel it was a bit pricey, so I would only order as a splurge. After trying some other conditioners during my hair journey over the last year and a half, I'm back to the Black Vanilla Conditioner. I truly could not find another conditioner that gave my extremely dry hair the same results. I was very pleased to find that the size of the bottle is a lot larger now and the price is cheaper, so I will continue to use this product for my curls. Thank you Carol's Daughter!
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Cleveland, OH
I gave up shampoo years ago and only co-wash my hair. The smell of this is amazing,its like being at a really nice spa! It totally detangles my crazy head of hair, rinses out so easy and fast and then my hair feels really soft. you have to try this!!!!!
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Detriot, MI
Took care of my dry, brittle crazy thick hair!!!! LOVE THIS SO MUCH and I cant believe it is now bigger and cheaper??? THANK YOU CAROLS DAUGHTER!
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Tameka Sullivan
Hattiesburg, MS
I've been transitioning to natural for 10 months now and I'm almost completely natural. This journey has put me in a love-hate relationship status with my hair, because it's so hard to find products that work great with my dry 4c hair. But honey let me tell you......this conditioner brought out curls that I had no idea I had. It gave my hair that "slip" feature, and I'm completely in love. This product really really moisturizes my hair and gives me hope for the future, which will be full of pretty kinks and curls!
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Great product
I had tried the hair smoothies and it was too heavy for my fine hair. This conditioner is perfect. It detangles and smells so good. My hair is super soft and shiny. I have found a winner!
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Long Island, NY
Lloved the smell, the results were just "OK"
While I felt it gave my hair some shine (which may only be attributed to the shampoo) and it continued the scent of the Black Vanilla shampoo (which I LOVE), I was not impressed with the conditioning effects of this product. I felt it was a very poor detangler. I left it in for 10 minutes and it did very little, but the worst part was having tangles, which I never have. I think you guys need to improve on that immensely. I seem to recall all your conditioners tend to be a bit lacking when it comes to detangling.
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Chapel Hill, NC
Luxurious Natural Conditioning That Abolished Expectations
Short Version: The conditioner is absolutely amazing. Incredibly moisturizing and smells wonderful. Long Version: I have extremely thick curly/wavy natural bottom of the bra-strap length hair. Although it doesn't usually look as thick as it really is, anyone who actually gets a hand in it will exclaim that I have between 2 and 3 times the hair on my head of anyone they've ever known (hair dressers have similarly described it as an "astronomical" amount of hair). About a year ago and at the suggestion of my hair stylist, I began using sulfate and paraben free shampoo, conditioner and styling products (a different brand/top competitor of Carols Daughter). Although I loved the concept and the way the products seemed to work for about a month, I started noticing that I started dealing with additional breakage, dandruff and itchy scalp. I've never had dandruff and itchy scalp in my life so I started switching up products to try and find a remedy. I also noticed my hair was getting a lot more tangled at the ends, which had also not previously been an issue. After briefly returning to "normal" sulfate/paraben/silicone conditioners, I tried Carols Daughter Black Vanilla moisturizing conditioner. It usually takes mounds of conditioner to make my hair feel silky smooth, and I'd never been able to get that fully moisturized feeling with a natural & free conditioners so my hopes were low. Let me underscore that: I usually go through around three bottles of conditioner for every bottle of shampoo because it takes that much more to adequately condition and detangle my hair. Honestly, I only initially bought this Carols Daughter conditioner for the Black Vanilla scent, my expectations for its moisturizing prowess was so low. MAN, did I underestimate this stuff! First of all, it really needs no saying that this conditioner does in fact smell outstanding. I absolutely love gourmand scents and have been frustrated in the past because the products that work best in my hair tend to have very chemical and medicinal fragrances. The black vanilla scent isn't sickly sweet but rich and deep. It's a mature vanilla that lingers nicely in your hair for anyone who catches a whiff when you turn. It's not overpowering at all but the kind of scent that brings you in and makes you want to get closer to smell more (I said it was sensual, didn't I?). Now for the most important part. I really don't know how Carols Daughter does it but this stuff worked amazingly in my hair. I use about half the amount of conditioner I used previously and immediately my hair feels slick and moisturized instead of fat and gummy or birds-nest course. I always wait about 5 minutes to really let the conditioner soak into the hair, then slowly brush out any of the knots using a fat tooth comb to avoid ripping anything out or separating would-be spiral curls. Once I wash it out, my hair feels silky smooth, healthy and happy. Sometimes I do a double condition on the very ends for extra moisture, but only a dab does just fine. I honestly couldn't be happier. As someone who has tried almost every major brand of hair and beauty product, its rare that a product truly surprises me. I actually have two large plastic storage bins in my apartment laundry room filled with nothing but never-finished hair products that were useless against my industrial strength tresses--I can't bare to throw them out because the thought of having wasted that much money on hair product I'll never use is nauseating. Happily though, I lucked into giving this Carols Daughter Black Vanilla moisturizing conditioner a chance. Ever since I began using it my hair is well on its way back to healthy brilliance. I can't wait to try other products from the Black Vanilla line and more from Carols Daughter generally. Needless to say, I am SO impressed. Highly recommended!
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I am transitioning and this is perfect for daily use! Never used a leave in that produces such a defined two strand twist as this! It's a definite keeper! Ordering my second bottle now before I run out...I originally planned to use it as a cowash but it's now serving two purposes. Would definitely recommend!
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