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Macadamia Heat Protection Serum

Item #: 21945      1.5 fl oz
Price: $20.00
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Love it!
I mix this serum with pure argan oil; about 2-3 drops of each. My hair looks incredibly healthy after styling it and I hardly see any breakage after using heat on my hair. I love this serum!
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sharon barnes
Smyrna, DE
Can't live without it!!!
This is the best heat serum! I use for every Flatiron style and instantly my hair looks so shiny and soft without the greasy feel or look. Last week I ran out..so I turned the bottle upside down on my sink so I could get every last drop!!!!
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wilmington, DE
works well
I used this heat serum, at first I didn't see what it was doing to my hair, but I used it on my leave out hair almost every other day with a weave, this product made my hair so straight, it looked liked I had a perm, but I have been natural for about four years now and my hair type is a 4 c , but where I used the heat serum almost everyday for my leave out the texture has changed to about 3c hair my hair use to be frizzy, and hard to manage, but not anymore where I used this heat protection, I love this product, when I ran out I was sick, I literatally was trying to use every last drop, it is that good. My hair blended so well with the use of this, I have not put another weave in yet, until I order more, and today is the day I will get two bottles because its on sale today..this is the best heat serum, it is worth the money.
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Dallas, TX
Now that I know how to use it...
...I love it! I only relax my hair twice a year. I don't put a flat iron in my hair more than twice a month. This product protects my hair when I do flat iron and blow dry it. It keeps it soft, manageable and bumps up the moisture level. I read a review that says it made their hair hard. This happened to me the first few times I used it. Then, I realized I was using too much. I also realized that it works best if I put it on my wet hair before roller setting or blow drying. If I put it on afterwards, it tends to leave a gooey film. When I do put it on my dry hair, I use an even smaller amount than I would when putting it on my wet hair.
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Tawon Zamora
Carol Stream, IL
Can't live with Out!!!
Okay my CD's users. I have a confession. I've been using this serum for blowing out my hair and for pressing and it is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST EVER!!!!! Will never use another on my hair again. What happens was I ran out of my products and didn't have the means to re- order and for a good month my hair was losing it luster. It just wasn't the same without my CD products. I could definitely tell the difference between healthy hair product and just a product. IF YOU WANT HEALTHY HAIR , I STRONGLY RECOMMEND CAROL DAUGHTER PRODUCTS.Yes yes Yes it pricey but well worth it.
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Rashawnica Joseph
Monterey, CA
Feels good
I am definitely a skeptic and I'm definitely one of those people who believe that since your hair is all dead protein, there isn't much you can do to fix it. I have very thick mixed hair, it's natural, I straighten it, it's 3b/3c in the front and more of a 4a in the back and it's around shoulder length. I'm almost 19 now and I started damaging my hair right around the time high school started, so my hair hasn't gotten past this length since and I've only trimmed it twice. My hair actually grows pretty fast so it's needless to say that breakage is my biggest enemy, I converted fully to Carol's Daughter in March and I'm never going back. I purchased Jada's Dynamic Duo, The entire Black Vanilla collection, the Macadamia collection, the Mimosa hair Honey, Kizzy's stay put hair Pomade and Marguerites magic. (Just Pre-ordered the Monoi Line :D)I use all of the products once a week as a system and I can honestly say I no longer shed like an animal, shedding and breakage are minimal. My hair would break EVERYWHERE! My floor would be covered by the end of the week. Gross, I know. Sorry for the Bio, but to know how a product will work for you, you have to know what you’re comparing it to. I can't testify for the effects of this product alone but I can say that I love the feel of the heat protector. I use like 12 pumps for my whole head (I have TONS of hair) but once I get it in there I actually feel like it's in there and actually protecting my hair from something. Lots of shine too, good stuff :D
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Deanna Love
Chicago, IL
This product is amazing. When I first received it I was unsure as to how it would stand against previous heat protectors that I used. Overall it completely surpassed my expectations!!! The Macadamia Heat Protection Gloss controls frizz when used as a blow dryer serum. Currently I am transitioning from relaxed to natural hair without cutting my previously relaxed portion. With this product the transition, and wearing my hair down becomes a breeze. It leaves your hair sraight, soft, and silky; and it truly protects from heat damage. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an amazing heat protecting product.
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Carmen Santos
Brooklyn, NY
silky smooth
i wish this came in a bigger size!!! i love this product...i use it on my hair when it's wet before i blow dry it and a little daily before i bump my hair with the flatiron and it works wonders! my hair is so soft and tame...i am a carol's daughter fanatic :-) i use the monoi line shampoo/hair mask, healthy hair butter, mimosa hair honey and the macadamia serum...my hair always looks wonderful!!!! thanks carol's daughter
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best heat protectant I've ever used
the first thing you notice within seconds of applying it to towel-dried hair: IT MAKES YOUR HAIR SOOO SOFT all through blowdrying, and the iron STILL SO SOFT I love this~ I will probably never use another type of heat protectant again and I totally bought this on a whim in the first place LOL
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New York, NY
Didn't work for me
I use this product twice and both times it made my hair very stiff. My sister used it as well and it did the same to her. I don't like this product at least for my hair which is natural. I wouldn't recommend it.
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LUV this product
I use this when I blow dry my hair and I apply a little more before I flatten and it doesn't make my hair feel oily. I would buy again and again. . .
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Chantell Barnes
Clinton, MD
BEST Heat Protectant Serum!!
I have had this product for about a month, and nothing has ever mad my hair feel so soft and silky. The minute you touch your hair with this serum, you can immediately feel the difference! This is the best heat protectant I have ever tried!
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Morrisville, NC
Don't Use Heat On Your Hair Without This
I bought the styling kit after trying a sample of another macadamia product. I love how this serum protects my hair and does not leave it greasy and heavy. I part my hair in sections and use a little of the serum when I blow dry my hair and then a dab on the ends of my hair when I straighten it. It only takes a little to go a long way. I also love the smell and how my hair feels and looks afterwards.
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Nashville, TN
All I can say is I don't want to ever run out. I usually use iron guard for heat protection, but this serum is way better. It is not stick, nor heavy. Yes a little does go a long way, but I have super thick relaxed, shoulder length hair, I used 8 pumps to cover root to ends. Serum plus black vanilla smoothie helped me stretch my touch up, nicely scented too!!
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Houston, TX
A little goes a long way!
It works really well my hair looks nice after I used it! Hair feels stronger now that I am using a heat protectant! I think this pump will last a long time...
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Best Hair Care Product I've purchased in 2011
I love this product! It did wonders for my hair last night! I have very textured hair so I get a bit discouraged flat ironing my hair by myself. With this product my worries are gone! I got the exact look I was looking for and I am very satisfied. I was somewhat concerned on how small the bottle was but after I figured out you don't need much in your hair I realized I can get it to last for a long time! It also didn't make my hair greasy I still had the body in it that I always like! Please purchase this! I've been telling all of my friends and family to all day! :)
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I love, love, love this product. My hair is always smooth and shiny!!
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Good product
I needed something to but in my hair for when I flat iron my hair so I decided to give this a try. I was very impressed. It's not greasy at all and I used quite a bit on my hair before flat ironing. My hair was very soft and shiny! I will definitely will be using this every time I was and flat iron my hair.
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Paige Lopez
Brownsboro, AL
So Good!
I have very long, super straight fine/thin hair. This stuff is incredible! Just used three pumps for my whole head and then used a blow dryer. My hair is soft, shiny and smells great. Another home run from Carol's Daughter.
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Shavon D
Staten Island, NY
Light and airy protection
I really fell for this product. I have tried others but I didn't like how my hair felt stiff and I could smell my hair burning and it felt weighed down. This product is the answer to those problems. There was moe shine and life. I have even noticed there was less hair loss when I blew out my hair. Again you don't need a lot. 2 drops worked wonders. Great product!!
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Tunisia Muhammed
Durham, NC
Just what it said...
My hair is healthy but it always seems to have a dullness to it. I use heat in my hair twice a week, with this product I can use it and it doesn't leave my hair feeling heavy. In fact it is the opposite! My hair felt light weight, silky, but most of all shiney. All it took a 2 pumps and it added shine and silkyness to my hair. I love it and am looking forward to trying the relaxed hair kit next! Thanks Carol's Daughter!
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Austin, TX
Macadamia Heat Protection
INCREDIBLE!!! I have not worn a chemical relaxers for over 20 years. I have "pressed" my hair with "pressing oils" and prayed that the FRIZZ would not return immediately. I had used a Lustra Silk product, which worked fairly well, but it has been discontinued. Out of desperation, I tried Macadamia Heat Protection, and I have been thrilled. Not only does it make my hair smell wonderful, my hair is relaxed without a lot of oil, bouncy like a chemical relaxer, and it took half the time it normally takes to press my hair. I am sold. This one is a KEEPER for hair products
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Durham, NC
Fantastic Product
I am transitioning from relaxer to natural and was looking for a natural heat protection product for blow drying and flat ironing. Well I found it! This serum is fantastic. I used about 3 pumps before blow drying. It made my hair soft and manageable. I really did not need more before flat ironing but used one pump any way, needless to say the results were fantastic. I did my hair three days ago and it is still shiny and soft. Thanks LP for another great product.
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Kennita Hickman
Yowzers... this stuff is awesome
I bought this along with the Chocolat complete set (shampoo, conditioner and blow dry cream). To me, my hair felt a bit dry after the conditioner but it looked nice while blow drying it. But, when I added the Macadamia Heat Serum (during flat ironing).... AWWW MAN. Wowzers... this stuff is crazy. First off, you don't need a lot at all. I used 2-3 pumps for each section (4 sections but my hair is STUPID THICK). And, then I used 2 pumps for whole head after flat iron was complete. I'm on day 3... and my edges are wonderful. People are thinking I have a relaxer (have been transitioning now for 1 year). I have been using Hair Balm to moisturize in the mornings and evenings as well. But, this hair serum is crazy good. I can say with confidence best product I've used since I've been natural. And, my hair looks better than it did when I went to the shops to get it done. Period
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Akron, OH
I wear my hair natural ( I'm African American with Curly Hair) and I use this product as a finish on my curls and it helps keep them moisturized and frizz free. Love it, I would recommend if you wear your hair natural.
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Loved It
I have started going back to doing my own hair once my hair stylist relocated. She used bee wax on my hair when she would flat iron or curl my relaxed hair. This is way much lighter, smells great and leaves your hair shiny and bouncy. I have been using Carol Daughters products for close to 6 years now and they never cease to amaze me with their products.
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Margarita De Jesus
New Braunfels, TX
I just want to say that your products are AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME!!!. I have been searching for hair products that make my hair look shiny and manageable and your products to just that whether I wear it curly or straight. I use the Tui Moisturizing Shampoo and Leave in Conditioner and the Macadamia Heat Protection Serum and I love my hair.
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LOVE IT!!!!!!
This is my favorite product from Carol's Daughter!!! I like to try a lot of new products, but nothing works like this one. My hair is 100% natural and the macadamia serum is the only product that gets my hair so straight that it looks like I have a relaxer. I'm also a hairstylist so I have used several other products on my hair and on my clients with natural hair, but nothing beats the macadamia serum. What I also love about this product is that it cuts down on the time it takes to blow-dry my natural hair clients who like their hair to be straight. One more thing, a little goes a long way.
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Great Product
I have used the Macadamia Heat Protection for about a month now and I have noticed a change in my hair. I have less breakage and fewer split ends. I use a dime size amount on to damp hair before sitting under the dryer or blow drying. It is fantastic, smells great and my hair is so softer. I only wish it was a larger bottle.
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Tanya Hicks
Charlotte, NC
It's all about the heat!
I used this product for the first time yesterday and instantly fell in love. The combination is just wonderful: great smell and it left my hair feeling soft and managable. I've been naturaly for a year now. I did the big chop last year and this is the first product that actually protects my hair from the heat (blow drying). I was concerned that the size wasn't worth the price, but you only need a little, so my $18 was well spent. I heart Macadamia Heat Protection Serum!!!
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Greenville, SC
This stuff is the BUSINESS!!!!
I'm transitioning to natural hair and I am 5 months post relaxer. I was starting to miss my straight hair (since I haven't used heat in about 4 months) and saw Lisa on HSN with this gloss. When I say it is the business, it is the AWESOME. I have shoulder length hair and I only used 6 pumps for my entire head! It left my hair super soft, shiny, and healthy looking! This will definitely be a product I will be purchasing again although it will take me months and months and months to use all of this since I don't plan on straightening my hair that often. But this product is a must for anyone using heat on their hair.
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P. Archer
Fort Lauderdale, FL
No Fried Food For Me
This is featherlight, non-greasy, and no frying sound when pressing hair. It smells good and leaves hair silky smooth. I I am African American (with a lil bit of this & that) with thick-wavy hair. I occassionally perm my hair to gain control (once every 8 or 10 months). I purchased at Macys (Broward Mall) back in April 2011 and I currently have a little under half a bottle left. This product is for all types of hair. I have used this on myh friends of different ethnic backgrounds and the results are the same. You can never put too much because you can comb or brush it through. To control frizz its okay. I get some flyawayy, so I just pump twice, rub together, and spray "a" little spritz in the palm of my hand, and again rub hands together. Then do a light rub with palm of hand wherever there's frizz. I will continue to use this product. Thank you Carol's Daughter.
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Shana H
Oklahoma City, OK
Best that I have found
I started using this product because i was in search of a heat protectant for my chemically treated hair. I first used it when i began wearing my hair without extentions. I realized my hair has been healthier, stronger, and more managable since i began using Carol Daughter's products. I have less breakage and now my hair is growning extremely fast. I have reached a desirable length that i am comfortable wearing without weave. Not only do i recommend this product, but i recommend using her entire line. Each person of course has a differet type of hair, but some places let you use samples before purchasing the product. I have purchased both shampoos, black vanilla leave in conditioner, lisa hair elixer, magurerites magic, heat protectant serum, and a few other products. I absolutely love this stuff. I will never use anything else. I just wished the conditioners were better for my hair. :( but the leave in conditioner works just as well.
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Michelle Denny
Plano, TX
OMG! I Love this product. I am transitioning from shoulder length relaxed hair to natural hair. I used this product to flat iron my new growth and made my hair look like I just got it relaxed.
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Atlanta, GA
My hair has never been this smooth.
It left my hair smooth, shiny, and soft. I love it!!!
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Greensboro, NC
I am in love with this stuff! I blow dry my hair first with a straightening serum since I'm transitioning then I apply the macadamia serum to my hair before I flat iron iron. Applying the serum on dry instead of before I blow dry hair works better for me and leaves my hair feeling like silk with body!
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Windsor, CT
I used this product for the first time last week. I put it on right before blow drying and when I was done, my hair was so soft and shiny. I was actually able to skip the step where I normally add oil for shine! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS PRODUCT. The bottle is pretty small for the price BUT since I only needed three pumps, it should last me about 4 months.
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smells great & doesn't weigh your hair down!
I try not to flat iron my hair too often, but when I do, I usually have crazy looking ends due to heat & such. When I used other heat protectants, my hair was an oily flat mess. With this, not at all (even when I OD'd the 1st time and pumped it too many times). My hair is still "bouncy" and my ends don't look scorched. Definately a purchase I will be making again!
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Miracle in a Bottle
I really love this product, I have always had extra hard to manage hair, I am mixed and have always had very unmanageable thick frizzy hair, I do relax my hair every 6 months to make it a lil more manageable, this product makes blow drying a lot easier for my stylist, and this helps a lot with frizz (without leaving my hair oily and flat) which is also a big issue I always had. Thanks to this whole line of products my hair is in much better condition and maintaince is a lot easier. I also the Black vanilla spray as well as The Monoi Shampoo which really helps with detangling and breakagea.my hair grows so much faster now!
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New York, NY
Great for heat styling
I really like this serum...it does have silicone in it, but I've noticed that it does not weight my hair down like other silicone-based heat protectants. I've used it before flat-ironing and again before curling my hair and both times it made the process quick with shiny, soft hair with lots of volume. And unlike many other products that say you only need 1-2 pumps - you really only need about 2 pumps of this (I have thick relaxed hair that's between my shoulders and bra-strap).
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I received a sample of the Macadamie Heat Protection Gloss when I purchased some other Carol's Daughter products at Macy's. Since I had to wash/dry/flat-iron/and curl my hair very day, I decided to give it a dry, spreading it through my towel-dried hair before blow drying. All I can say is I wanted to turn right around and drive back to Macy's and purchase a bottle immediately! My hair is shiny, silky, soft, bouncy and just downright healthy looking. I WILL be going back to purchase a bottle before I need to wash my hair again.
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Best Glosser I Have Ever Used
This is an amazing product. My hair is so healthy looking and my breakage has drastically decreased. The only suggestion I have for Carol's Daughter is to put the product in a squeeze bottle because the pump gets clogged at times.
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Love that it protects my hair with out making it feel oily! My FAV!
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Im in love with this product! after i wash my hair, i am always left with a huge afro which takes me a few hours to straighten..not anymore! i just use the serum and it starts working instantly! it makes doing my hair so much easier and faster! i also love how it gets rid of any left over frizz..i dont see how i loved without this for so long!
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Macadamia Heat Protection Gloss (?)
This product worked so well on my tightly curled hair. Everyone once in a while, I like to wear my hair straight. I used a round brush and 4 pumps of the heat gloss, and my hair was super shiny and smooth. The instructions say 2 pumps, but my I needed more for my thirsty hair. I didn't even need a flat iron to smooth out my hair. It is not too greasy and my hair smells great. Thank you Carol's Daughter!
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Tenee Hickenbottom
Crest Hill, IL
Not what I expected
I could get over the smell but the stickiness was a NO for me. I did feel my hair wz protected but at the cost of hvn weighed down sticky hair. It didn't work 4 my hair but everyone's hair is different. My least fav CD product.
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Louisville, KY
Great Results
I won't flat iron my hair without this product. Just 1-2 squirts applied to my shoulder length relaxed hair prior to flat ironing is plenty. It leaves my hair soft, smooth, and with a natural sheen.
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It made my hair look and feel VERY greasy. I had to wash my hair again after using it. Dont waste your money.
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Knoxville, TN
great great! kept my hair straight and didn't burn it at all. my hair is soft and it is very light which love. I usually use paul mitchell super skinny and this is better because it protects my hair
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Beverly Watkins
poughkeepsie, NY
Love IT
I have relaxed hair and i love this stuff it's very light and smells so so good it leaves my hair so soft .I love using it when i flat iron my hair
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