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CD4Kids Shampoo
8.5 fl oz.

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This shampoo is the real deal
I knew I had to get my hands on this after reading the ingredients and how it can benefit my daughters hair. She's four so washing her hair was a nightmare trying to get her tangles out using other shampoos made for kids. She has straight very thin hair so I needed something to help make it healthy and stop the breakage. First use I was amazed at how my fingers just glided through her hair. It felt like butter and I like the smell of it. Her hair is softer with less breakage and has a healthy shine. I'm glad I found a product worth writing a review about. Will not be with out this shampoo from now on.
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Smells SOOOOO Good!
This stuff smells so good, I want to keep my kids right under my nose and smell them all day! And, the good smells last for several days between washings! Plus, I know I'm taking good care of their hair (as a white mama to an African princess and a bi-racial boy this is huge!). Thanks, CD for the love!
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