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Be Loved Magnolia Dry Oil Mist

Item #: 20650      4 oz.
Price: $21.00
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Lisa Thompson
Sugar Land, TX
out my comfort zone
I went out of my comfort zone and ordered Be Loved Magnolia Dry Oil Mist after reading reviews and I received it yesterday and love the scent!! I am so glad I went out on a limb and bought this without trying a sample. I also bought the Love Butter and like that too. The scent is so light and I absolutely love the dry mist. I initially tried the almond cookie and wanted to try something different. Thank you CD users for all your honest reviews because it has helped me a lot. All the scents aren't available where I am so your honesty really helped someone in my position who can't try all the new scents at a local department store. The mist is not heavy and is perfect for my dry skin in the summer heat where I am! It is not overwhelming at all.
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Oh So Pleasant
A fresh, clean fragrance that brings a smile. Really, really enjoying this product!
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