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Black Vanilla Moisturizing Hair Smoothie Duo
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Washington, DC
Great for my scalp eczema
I have eczema and it was very hard finding a shampoo and conditioner that would not irritate it. I have tried everything and spent hundreds of dollars on products. The products that worked weighed my hair down so much that I could not curl it. I have a short pixie style cut because my eczema doesnt allow my hair to grow like it suppose to but the vanilla pack works wonders for my short hair as well as my eczema. Its amazing!!! It makes my hair so soft and manageable and it is light and holds my curls. It soothes my scalp and I am washing my hair once a week instead of every three days. Curling my hair so much leaves much room for it it become damaged but with the smoothie, it treats my hair and I dont have to worry about it becoming dry and brittle. If you have eczema in your scalp i recommend the whole vanilla line. It is amazing.
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Estevan, SK
This conditioner is amazing. I use it in my daughters hair, I am so glad I found these products. My daughter is mixed race and I didn't know what to use in her hair. Now her hair is so healthy that I every time she goes to the salon every hair dresser has to come and comment on how soft her hair is and how great of a job I do taking care of it. I tell every one I know about the conditioner and Carols daughter products.
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My Staple Deep Conditioner
This is my absolute favorite deep conditioner and is also my staple. I have tried many others but none other would suffice over my black vanilla smoothie. I am a natural with a mixture of 4a/4b texture, high porosity, and 75% shrinkage just to give you an idea of my hair type. I use this deep conditioner weekly after I have freshly shampoo my hair, I typically add a little cocounut oil, put a plastic cap on, and sit under the dryer for about 20 minutes and rinse out with cool water. Throughout the week my hair is very strong with minimal breakage. My sister also uses this and has about a 4b hair texture all over. I highly recommend this product, you will not be disappointed.
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Jennifer Musgrove
Verona, PA
Best Product Period
I luv black vanilla smoothie! The smell is too good and i love the gooiness of the cream too lol. i usually use this as just a conditioner but since im transitioning ive been using this as a shampoo. It works wonders, i just washed my hair yeserday with it along with the transiitoning kit. My hair was super soft and moist!! I decided to splurge and buy two of these 16oz, i might reorder again cuz i need to stock up : ) i cant get enough of CD (grin)
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Rashawnica Joseph
Monterey, CA
I am definitely a skeptic and I'm definitely one of those people who believe that since your hair is all dead protein, there isn't much you can do to fix it. I have TONS of very thick mixed hair, it's natural, I straighten it, it's 3b/3c in the front and more of a 4a in the back and it's around shoulder length. I'm almost 19 now and I started damaging my hair right around the time high school started, so my hair hasn't gotten past this length since and I've only trimmed it twice. My hair actually grows pretty fast so it's needless to say that breakage is my biggest enemy, I converted fully to Carol's Daughter in March and I'm never going back. I purchased Jada's Dynamic Duo, The entire Black Vanilla collection, the Macadamia collection, the Mimosa hair Honey, Kizzy's stay put hair Pomade and Marguerites magic. (Just Pre-ordered the Monoi Line :D)I use all of the products once a week as a system and I can honestly say I no longer shed like an animal, shedding and breakage are minimal. My hair would break EVERYWHERE! My floor would be covered by the end of the week. Gross, I know. Sorry for the Bio, but to know how a product will work for you, you have to know what you’re comparing it to. I can't testify for the effects of this product alone since I use a whole system but I can say that I Love love love the hair smoothie, it detangles like no other and leaves soft and very manageable tresses (I leave mine on with a shower cap for about 30 minutes).
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Hands down, the best ever!
This is the BEST conditioner EVER! I am a hair-product junkie. Because I have difficult to maintain mixed-race hair, I constantly have to switch products, as my hair becomes "immune" to conditioners after a few uses. I've tried all the supposed miracle high-end hair product lines, and none of them even come close to Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie. This is the only conditioner I've ever used that works time after time. And it REALLY works! My hair has never been in better condition. It is smooth, shiny, bouncy, frizz-free, and easy to detangle. I even use a little as a leave-in when I'm running low and waiting for my next shipment. Words cannot even describe how much I love BVHS. You have to try it for yourself. If it works for me, it will work for anyone!
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